July 31, 2021

“Scaba Badi Bidu”: Donald and the history of the first reggae in Spanish

Not Los Pericos, not Resistencia Suburbana, not Sumo, not Los Cafres, not even Alphonso S’entrega. The first reggae song in Spanish is Argentine and was interpreted, nothing more and nothing less, than by Donald, the father of the Sucundum, Chequendengue, Racatacata and Sequeten Sequeten.

That’s how it is. Back in 1970, many years before the formation of the first and emblematic reggae bands in our country, even when the correct pronunciation of the term was not yet established. “reggae”, Donald Clifton McCluskey had unwittingly become the first artist, author, and performer of “Scaba Badi Bidu”, the first song of the genre sung in Spanish and the first, recorded outside of Jamaica.