July 28, 2021

The sad slight he suffered recording with George Harrison – Rock & Pop

It was the year 1970 and a young and unknown Phil Collins he was like percussionist of what would be the first solo album of the great George Harrison.

The renowned member of The Beatles he was making his first musical production without the company of the group.All Things Must Pass” It was the album that I would release seven months before the separation of the great British outfit in 1970.

Nobody imagined that Phil Collins, who would become a renowned singer some time later and who would be the leader of the band Genesis, it would have been part of this great musical production.

It all started with a call from the band’s manager Flaming Youth. Here Collins had his participation as the main drummer. However, this set it was never successful or recognized.

The moment when everything seemed to be pink was when he received the news that could open the way to collaborate with Harrison. Phil Collins commented in an interview that this character had received a call from the driver of Ringo Starr. “He told him they needed a percussionist for a recording, and he suggested to me,” he said.

However, nothing turned out as expected Collins. At the time of recording, everything sounded bad, the microphone turned off and according to the artist:

“Right after that, everyone in the studio disappeared. Someone said they were watching television or something like that and they told me I could go “

This was a great opportunity for Collins, as many prominent musicians participated in this production, such as Ringo Starr, Gary Wright, Billy Preston, Klaus Voormann, John Barham y Pete Drake. Also, there was nothing better for a musician to play with a Beatle, and to play in a studio like Abbey Road.

When the record came out, Collins he thought that his name would be in the acknowledgments and collaborations. However, it does not happened. The artist assured:“I look at the notes on the cover and I’m not there. And I was left thinking: ‘there must be some mistake!’ but I realized that it was a different version of the song, and I was not in that one ”.

After this great, Phil Collins knew, thanks to a recorded tape, that at the end of this one he listens to Harrison saying “Hey Phil (for album producer Phil Spector), can we try another one without the conga?” So now I know they didn’t go to watch TV, they went somewhere and said, ‘Get rid of him,’ because he was playing really bad. “

From that moment on Collins thinks Harrison was in his words: a “Damn bastard”. But even though the situation has been a disaster, clearly it must have been an honor to be able to collaborate with him, a true Beatle.