July 26, 2021

the story behind the Christian boy who disapproved of music and inspired the Beatles

When Elvis presley attended for the first time The Ed Sullivan Show, many believed that the young musician would show his most rebellious side with which he would incite the youth. However, ‘El Rey del Rock and Roll‘shared his deepest side by playing Peace in the valley, an old Christian hymn that fascinated his mother.

Oh well i’m so tired
But I have to go alone
Until the Lord comes and calls me, calls me …

Ed Sullivan was pleasantly surprised by Presley’s attitude and called him a decent young man that he played to be bad. A sheep dressed as a wolf.

One of the paradoxes with Elvis is how he can be so in love with God, so obsessively in love with his mother, be so decent, ask permission and all that, and just let loose on stage with ease.

Priscilla Presley

Elvis wife

The above was exhibited in the documentary of Thom Cold, Elvis Presley: The Searcher, which has just been released on the streaming entertainment platform Netflix as part of their productions for the month of June.

It is a journey through the life of the famous singer from his childhood to his last recordings in 1976, accompanied by an analysis of why the emergence of Elvis was so revolutionary in his time.

The Christian child who disapproved of music

And it is that Presley is not what he seems to be. Many of the prejudices indicate that he was allegedly a racist; But, that and many misconceptions are shot down through crucial information and data about the artist.

Perhaps the most solid piece of information about Elvis Presley is his childhood in the Christian Church. The extreme poverty in which he lived pushed him to take refuge in religious music as well as in the Pentecostal choirs that had a powerful boom in the 1930s.

His musical learning was so paradoxical because according to his high school teachers he was always a young man who had problems in subjects. Contrary to what might be expected, a young Presley always failed a music class.

His attachment to Christianity would be remembered on many occasions. Your participation in The Ed Sullivan Show and a string of gospel albums they would prove it over time.

Racist Presley?

Elvis Aaron Presley’s childhood was full of friends of color. His membership in the church and his friendship with the majority black parishioners led him to appropriate the blues and mix it with his country tradition.

Despite rumors about his supposed racism, the reality is that the testimonies of those close to him deny all that because a large part of his collaborators were musicians of color to whom ‘The King of Rock and Roll’ felt indebted.

Throughout his career, Presley clearly acknowledged his debt. Speaking to his audience on the 1968 comeback special, he said, “Rock and roll is basically gospel or rhythm & blues, or it grew out of both. People have been increasing it, adding instruments, experimenting with it, but it all comes down to that ”. Nine years earlier, he also declared: “Rock and roll has been around for many years. It used to be called rhythm & blues. “

The inspiration of the Beatles

That young man who did not exceed 20 years but knew how to move his hips and unleash the euphoria of youth did not go unnoticed in England and, according to Paul McCartney Y John Lennon, was his inspiration to pick up a guitar and get moving.

Lennon declared that Presley was always what they aspired to; But, after meeting him, they were very disappointed to confirm his political ideologies and his admiration for the Army, to which he had been enlisted a few years ago.

Even when Elvis Presley met The Beatles in 1965, it seems that his first impression of John Lennon was not the best.

According to journalist Chris Hutchins, Elvis and the band met at a party in Graceland and the situation, at times, was tense. Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s ex-wife, had said at the time: “It was so quiet when they walked in you could hear a pin drop. They just wanted to see Elvis. John was shy, he looked at him. I think he couldn’t believe he was there with Elvis. It was a bit uncomfortable because they looked at him and didn’t say anything ”.

However, the reasons Elvis apparently did not like the Beatles, especially Lennon, are offered by Hutchins himself. In conversations with the Daily Mail in 2011, it said that Elvis was a supporter of Lyndon B. Johnson, the president of the United States at the time; and conversely, John “hated him for increasing the military presence in the Vietnam War.”

In this meeting, John did not hesitate to express his political opinions, which annoyed Elvis, who served in the army between 1958 and 1960, during which time his problems with amphetamines and other drugs that helped him endure fatigue and increased. who continued to use after the recruitment ended.

“John asked ‘Why do you make those soft ballad movies these days? What happened to that good old-time rock and roll? ‘ Although he said it half as a joke, he really felt that way.

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