August 1, 2021

In an interview, Hanifah – daughter of KL Jay, talks about her new EP, Vivências

The EP has 5 tracks that tour R&B and Soul music, all produced by Edu Chaves, a resident of the East Zone of São Paulo who has been working with Hanifah since 2020.

Hanifah intended to make a fast, light and objective EP, with short songs that tell some of his experiences in recent times, exploring more the natural low tone of his voice, also bringing an unprecedented junction in the title track which features his father, the DJ and producer Kl Jay.

We talked with the artist to learn more about her work, influences and the creative process of the EP, check out:

MNS What marks the beginning of your history with music?

Wow, nobody ever asked me that question! I used to sing in church when I was a little girl and this phase really impressed me because I had gospel music singers as inspiration. My mother took me to church and she bought the CDs of the singers of the moment, I kept listening, reading the inserts and learning the songs and then performing in church… That’s where I started to understand my voice and what it was to sing. Then I started to have more experiences with my father, and I went to another side, he started to show me a lot of black music, not that gospel is not black music. But I started to have more experiences related to hip hop, RB, rap. He taught me a lot about production and about Brazilian artists as well, I had contact with samba too… And that’s when I started to have a greater intimacy with music, where I realized the elements, knew the artists, started to understand more about production musical, samples… So it was a mixture, this part of the church and then the experiences with my father, and to this day I learn a lot from my father. I have my research too, I love listening to new artists, I live in constant learning with music.

MNS What moves you to create, compose and sing?

What moves me most are the details. There’s a phrase from a singer that made a big impression on me: “art is born in attention”. So when we pay attention to details, to trivial and big things too, the seed that can lead us to create is born. I feel inspired by what I’ve become, what I’ve been living. I like to portray in music many of my experiences, some even from other people… So, all this, the art itself moves me to want to execute it. Art is very precious. When we understand the roots and everything that art encompasses… I feel very honored to have discovered this craft, because we are born an artist but we discover and understand ourselves… And respecting this process is very important, how to be able to produce , put it out, even in this context so difficult and complicated. It’s important to have respect for art.


photo: disclosure

MNS What are your influences on music today?

I’ve been listening a lot to Billie Eilish, mainly the single Your Power. A lot of people criticize her, I think she is brilliant, a very brilliant girl-woman. Because she’s so young with such a great look… I’ve been hearing a lot One, some boys from Rio who are awesome, a very precious job. I’m listening a lot to the new album by Djonga, I like it a lot, a job with a lot of exposure and a lot of courage. Some that are also essential for me: o Pharrel, anyone who knows me knows (laughs) the Tyler, as meninas do R&B Kali Uchis e Janie Aiko inspire me a lot too. has the Lucky Daye also, who does r&b.

Daft Punk

MNS Tell us a little bit about the process of creating the EP Vivências?

Look, it was a very natural process and oddly enough it was fast, I was even surprised because it was so natural. I worked as Edu Chaves, I’ve been working with him since 2020, a dear, very talented producer, and right at the beginning of the year he came to wish me a happy new year and sent me a folder full of sounds. I wasn’t thinking much about writing, because I had recently released a work with him, but then when he sent the instrumentals I started to listen and think about themes that I thought had to do with the songs and I started writing them. While I was writing I was recording, I was developing the theme of the EP and when I realized it was ready. This EP came and I accepted. I was super happy to talk about some of my experiences, details that I paid attention especially in 2020, it was very good and light. It was really cool to work with my father too, it was the first time we created something together (the first track), it was very inspiring. The work with the Sadiki also, our ideas hit a lot to write the song “Alma”. Having managed to achieve this project is a great achievement for me.

MNS How do you perceive the national music scene nowadays?

Talking about music here in Brazil is a bit complicated, because we have a very long path to progress, but I see a very big limitation also because the masses seem to value only one type of music, culture, anyway, and this is a bit complicated for so many great artists and the diversity you have here. I see that there is a very strong tendency for there to be progress and evolution but people rely a lot on numbers, it’s complicated, it’s a seesaw. That’s why I think it’s very important for us to value independent artists, it’s very important for us to develop a more open look at the national music scene.

MNS How would you define yourself as an artist?

As an apprentice (laughs). Because I really care about evolution. So I know I’m not the same as I was 3 years ago and I don’t want to be the same as I am today in three years, so I would say I’m an apprentice artist because I like to learn, I want to learn, right or wrong , I want to learn.

MNS What are your next plans that you can share with us?

For now something of my solo I don’t have in mind, I’ll probably give it a break, but I have some very good songs to deliver, with some well-known artists and others who are independent and just starting, and should materialize this year.


Hanifah – photo: disclosure

Her first EP was released in 2019. The artist has already released two clips: PRA MIM (2019) and ALMA (2021). Hanifah played some shows in 2020 at Casas de Culturas in the North and East region of SP in the format of lives, presenting the Semper No Corre Project alongside his father, DJ KL JAY. Now in 2021 she arrives with a new EP entitled VIVÊNCIAS by the music label KL MÚSICA, distributed by Believe Music.


Maravilha is a collector of dreams and sounds that are the raw material for her journey in music as a DJ, musician, music producer, musicologist and cultural producer. Here on the portal he writes and reflects on Brazilian music and all sorts of grooves. Alongside the music, she plays personal projects as a visual artist, is one of the creators, creative director and curator of Festival Delas – Mulheres na Arte, which takes place in the interior of São Paulo, and collaborates with the creative direction and programming of the channel Uh!Manas.TV