August 4, 2021

In-Edit, the biggest film and music festival in Brazil starts today.

In-Edit had its origins in 2003, in Barcelona and today it is carried out in countries like Chile, Spain and Holland. Later, in 2009, In-Edit took place for the first time in Brazil. In 2021, the 13th edition will take place which, due to the pandemic, will be online, between June 16th and 27th.

27 national and 28 foreign documentaries will be screened, including feature and short films.

Free programming and paid programming

First of all, the films are divided into two axes, one of national productions and the other of foreign productions. Axis titles Brazilian Panorama will be shown for free, with viewing limits. The axis Global picture, cost R$ 3.00 and will also have a viewing limit.

The films can be seen on the platform In-edit TV.


DA Pennebaker behind the scenes of “Dont Look Back” (1967), with Bob Dylan – photo: film reproduction

The edition will honor the filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker known both for directing the documentary about Bob Dylan’s English tour, on the way east (Dont Look Back, 1967), as well as by Monterey Pop (1968), about the event considered a milestone in the era of the great rock festivals.

Both titles will be screened at the Festival in addition to four more short films by the director: Alice Cooper (1970), Daybreak Express (1953), Lambert and Co (1964), Little Richard (1970). All movies from Pennebaker Tribute are free, with no limit of views, exclusively on the platform of sesc, between midday on 06/17 until midnight on 06/23/

Also, the filmmaker and widow of Pennebacker, Chris Hegedus, will participate in a chat about the documentary filmmaker’s work.

musical tributes

Two artists will be honored at the 13th edition of In-Edit, the Paraíbano Conductor José Siqueira and the carioca rapper Speadfreak$. Thus, in homage to the conductor, the directors of the documentary Toda For José Siqueira, Eduardo Consonni and Rodrigo T. Marques will receive musicians and researchers from the composer’s work, presenting new pieces, recently recovered from Siqueira’s collection. The screening will be on Thursday, 06/24, at 20:00.

In the tribute to the rapper, the Festival director, Marcelo Aliche talk with Rafael Couto, director of Speedfreak$ – Comrade Psychopath about the artist’s legacy, presenting unpublished compositions and original tracks, created from the bases left by the musician. So far, the date and time of the tribute has not been confirmed.

Abertura In-Edit: Moby Doc (2021)

photo: disclosure/Mubi

Directed by Rob Gordon Bralver, the American production follows the musician Richard Melville Hall, known by his stage name Moby. His story is traced from childhood in the suburbs of New York to adulthood, reaching fame and rising on the biggest stages in the world. In an intimate way, the film talks not only about his addictions and desires, but also about the life of a pop star. Thus, between mistakes and successes, we have on screen a faithful portrait, Moby being Moby.

The film can be watched from 8 pm on Thursday, June 16, at a cost of R$ 3.00.

Masterclass with Marcelo Machado

As part of the Festival the filmmaker Marcelo Machado director of Tropicália e With the Word, Arnaldo Antunes will give a class with the purpose of talking about the different aspects of musical documentary, based on his own work. The masterclass will have free access from Tuesday, 22/06, 5pm.

Conversations with Directors

The viewer will not only be able to watch the films, but will also be able to follow on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel chats with some national and foreign directors who will be talking to the curators about their works. The conversations will start to be available on Thursday, 17/06 and access is free.


While the event talks about cinema and music, it also includes musical performances in its program. There will be six shows shown on the YouTube with Our (17/06), Alzira E (19/06), Made In Brasil (20/06), screaming HC (21/06), DJ Hum and guests (25/06) e João Ricardo (26/06).