August 3, 2021

Music, cinema and theater are part of your weekend with your guide

Leave the link to this post saved so you can follow everything that will happen this weekend and not miss anything! There will be a show by Zélia Duncan, Festivals, Cinema with In-Edit, music and theater, in addition to the WME Conference. enjoy and don’t miss a thing

WME Conference

On Friday, another edition of the WME Conference. This Saturday, June 19, in addition to the Q&A with the event’s godmother, Fernanda Abreu, the stage of WME Conference will host discussions on music producers, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, metaverse, authenticity in music, among other topics.

On the Discography panel, the presenter Sarah Oliveira will interview Duda Beat about his recently released album Te Amo Lá Fora. The Saturday shows are done by the singer and songwriter from Bahia Jadsa and from São Paulo Ana Cañas, who will perform their first concert with the band after the release of Coração Selvagem, a single from the future re-records of the work by Belchior. The shows will be broadcast by YouTube da Heineken, official beer and master sponsor of the conference.

Check out the show schedule

Heineken presents
18h30-19h30: Show Jadsa
20h30-21h30: Show Ana Canãs

22h – 2h: Ballantine’s Apresenta Uhmanas & WME

With TataOgan, Carlu, Nahraujo, Luísa Viscardi and Mari Rossi.

Ana Canas. Photo Bruno Santos

40 years of career

This Saturday, 7pm to 9pm, Zélia Duncan performs online to celebrate 40 years of her career. The show brings in its repertoire the songs from the recently released album Pelespirit. The album’s repertoire was all produced during the pandemic and is a small portrait of what the world is currently experiencing. The show takes place in the renowned theater designed by Oscar Niemeyer, a Rio icon.

Prudential Theater, Rua do Russell, 804 – Glória
Date: June 19
Time: Saturday at 9 pm
Event Type: Live on Theater Platform
Free classification
Duration: 79 minutes
Where to buy: Tickets here

Zelia Duncan. Credit: Denise Andrade

love’s turn

Sponsored by Hey and support from hi future, fifth edition of Periphery International Culture Festival will be held from the 7th and 11th of July on a new digital platform. Launched in 2016 and having brought together more than 100,000 people in its four face-to-face editions, Favela Sounds – International Festival of Periphery Culture reaches its fifth edition in 2021, in online format, through the platform (to be launched soon). Between the 7th and 11th of July, the public will be able to see more than 60 free activities, including concerts, mini workshops, debates and sessions focused on the creative market, with big names in peripheral art in Brazil and around the world.

In 2021, Favela Sounds will bring as its theme “The turn of love”, a call for debates, reflections and constructions that deal with affection, combating the growing and constant hate speeches and prejudices, which speaks of solidarity and stimulates the thinking of new futures from a loving ethic, as well as showing bell hooks in his work. The theme refers to the homonymous samba by Brazilian artist Vinícius de Oliveira (“If everyone can, I can too / If everyone lives, I want to live too / A Vez do Amor has finally arrived”).

Tuyo, MC Mari and Tássia Reis are confirmed at Favela Sounds 2021

Tuyo, MC Mari and Tássia Reis are confirmed at Favela Sounds 2021

sound on track

O As on the strip, announces the complete schedule of its 4ª edition, which takes place from the 9th to the 18th of July, from 7 pm, with online transmission throughout Brazil, through Facebook and YouTube of the Cultural change, organizer of the event. In all, there will be six presentations, with big names in the Brazilian music scene, for the public to watch free of charge from their homes. O line-up of the festival has shows by artists of the caliber of Toninho Ferragutti, Neymar Dias, Ricardo Vignini, Osni Ribeiro, Gabriel Souza, Nayra Jaine, Fabiola Beni, Alessandro Penezzi, Arnaldo Freitas, Marina Ebbecke, Gabriel Souza e Nayra Jaine. The presentation is by the guitarist, guitarist, composer, singer and presenter Adriana Farias.

Ricardo Vignini. Photo disclosure

Festival In-Edit

Hello movie buffs and music lovers! get ready for the In-Edit Brasil 2021 – International Documentary Festival! There are more than 50 new films produced in different corners of the world. For the second time, the festival takes place entirely online and the program will be on display between June 16 and 27 on three platforms: In-Edit, with limited views; Sesc Digital and Spcine Play. There are as many free titles as R$3. Online musical performances are provided by Nasi, Alzira E, Made in Brazil, screaming HC, DJ Hum and guests e João Ricardo (founder of the band Secos & Molhados).


This Saturday, 19, from 8:30 pm, the Ouro Preto Orchestra performs a virtual concert in honor of Duke Ellington. It is the first time that OOP dives into the world of blues and jazz, with a great tribute to the pianist and multi-artist Duke Ellington (1899-1974). All conducted by the conductor Rodrigo Toffolo. You can watch the Ouro Preto Orchestra on YouTube.


The Theater Company Os Satyros opens tomorrow, June 19, the show The Art Facing Fear, version World United, in co-production with The Red Curtain International, art organization from India. The group’s new online play features a cast of more than 25 artists from around the world, including Germany, Angola, Argentina, Cape Verde, Korea, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Philippines, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya, UK, Russia, Singapore, USA and Venezuela. In the show, the actors talk about the anguish in times of pandemic. The free season runs until July 4th, on Saturdays at 3pm and 11pm; and on Sundays at 8am. Click here to watch.

Amanda Sousa

Amanda Sousa is a mother, feminist, is 30 years old and has a degree in Social Communication. Born in São Paulo, currently lives in Jundiaí. She is passionate about music since she understands people. From punk to pop, he likes to discover sounds in all aspects.