July 31, 2021

Oliver Dom Jack, great DJ from the northeast, another victim of Covid

A cloud of locusts this time passed through São Paulo. Consuming hope, devouring what’s left of comfort to the nearly 500,000 people who watch over their loved ones. The horde, now on two wheels, continues to enjoy themselves. After all, this is the diabolical and cynical mission for which they were chosen.

As we watched in awe the media spectacle of the gang from Peter Pans hell, Covid had one of the most important DJs in Bahia, Oliver Dom Jack at 45 years of age.

Oliver’s struggle for life (at least this life) lasted a few weeks. Before that, he was doing well and his music reverberated with the usual sweetness. Passionate about House Music and master of carrapetas since the 90’s, he developed a very important role in the Northeast scenario, mainly in the LGBT circuit. Salvador boils in another way this weekend. It boils with revolt. Claudio Manoel, founder DJ of the collective Pragatecno and great articulator of the Northeastern electronic scene, ratifies:

DJ Oliver Dom Jack was unfortunately a victim of this genocidal policy we are going through. The anti-covid vaccine did not arrive in time for him, as for this huge majority of our population. We lost an artist who passionately dedicated his life to music, participating with intensity in the formation of DJ culture in Bahia. A sadness! Márcio Santos Dj Oliver Dom Jack, worked on several fronts (corporate events and parties) but I highlight here his passion, research and dissemination of House Music, which consolidated him as an icon of the local scene.

Marcio Santos, who later changed his stage name to Oliver Dom Jack, communicated with DJs across the country, exchanging musical information, teaching, learning. I finally met him in person when he was in the Colors 2020 season, which took place in São Paulo, at Whiplash Bar. With serene speech and movements, he exuded passion for music and for the night. If I knew we wouldn’t see them again, I would have thanked him for everything he’s done for house in Brazil. I do it now: Thank you Dom Jack!

The meeting recorded in the post above by Oliver himself was also the first “non-virtual” role with his friend and DJ Elson Cabral, articulator of “houseiros” groups since the time of Orkut. “Don Jack was an easy guy to get along with. It had a good aura… Full of Axé. I always tell the story that he asked me to buy some equipment here in SP, in good faith (I did it in good faith too…). The sets always had a good Afro feel… But they walked from Disco to Tech calmly. And he was happy to separate the repertoire, on whim… I know his importance in the Bahia scene… The guy will be missed.

The elegance in his dealings with people made Oliver a rare unanimity. “Marcio was a gentleman” – defines it perfectly Mauro Telefunksoul, another seminal Salvadorian and contemporary DJ by Dom Jack – both to teach his knowledge and to praise. Our chat was always nice, musically speaking, always thinking, questioning what we could improve, so that our scene would continue with good music and culture. A big loss in my life.”

Benjamin Ferreira, originally from Pará and original member of the Pragatecno collective (now based in São Paulo), also spoke to Music Non Stop

“Oliver was a great DJ, passionate about music, especially disco and house. In addition, he was passionate and passionate about everything that involved the profession, always taking a stand for everything he considered fair, always coherently. Added to this is an immense sweetness with friends by profession and everyone around you. I’ll miss this dear friend a lot, who I’ve seen few times but with whom I interacted so much on the internet, especially with pandemic lives.”

Oliver’s music was a mandatory presence at major events in the city, such as the Summer Festivals and the Gay Parades. He participated in absolutely all of them until 2012. He led the dancefloor at clubs such as Holmes, Bizarre, Mix Ozonio, Off Club and San Sebastian. His posture embodied the original and authentic concepts of house music: respect, inclusion and of course… groove!

Oliver Dom Jack

photo: Instagram playback

Amid the pandemic that would take him from Salvador as biker orcs celebrated death in São Paulo, Dom Jack began publishing sets online. Sensitive, called his latest series of mixes , called Xô Urucubaca – Astral Ball.

A definitive farewell to the urucubaca that takes over Brazil. Also an advertisement for your new residence. From here, there will be nostalgia and curiosity to know how these Astral Balls are boiling up there.

The two-hour set is excellent. Thanks again my friend!

Jota Wagner

Jota Wagner has been writing, disco, and partying in Brazil and Europe since the early 1990s. He is currently editor in chief of Music Non Stop and cultural producer at Agência 55. He has contributed, using his ears, feet or hands, to the dawn of Brazilian electronic music.