July 24, 2021

What to do in Barcelona today Saturday July 3, 2021

One of the highlights of the Greek of each year is its musical programming, with very varied concerts of different styles for all types of audiences. On this occasion, one of the main scenarios is the BARTS which is preparing for this month a cycle with great artists who will delight an audience with more desire than ever to listen to live music, always at 8.30 pm. There will be six recitals with soul, folk, jazz, pop, songwriting, African and mestizo rhythms. Let’s go back to enjoying our favorite groups and singers, who have been sorely missed.

Claim and tradition

To get started, a gale of energy, positivity and talent with the Sey Sisters, that will pass through the room tonight. This female trio is made up of three sisters (Kathy, Edna and Yolanda) of Ghanaian origin but born in Osona, so no one will be surprised if you hear them speak in perfect Catalan. They formed the group in 2006 and they combine gospel with soul or jazz and their songs are very vindictive. They stand out for the perfect conjunction of their voices, how they play with times, the volumes and the notes, how they take turns in the sentences, their sweetness and also their firmness. Tonight they present We got your back, which reinforces its message in favor of women, for human rights, defending newcomers to our society and against discrimination. A job in which they experiment with new sounds and transmit the good vibes of always.

The next appointment is on the 7th with Tarta Relena, a duet a cappella formed by the Catalans Marta Torrella and Helena Ros who they investigate traditional folk music with Mediterranean roots with two perfectly intertwined voices. An example of this is his work Pray for us in which they adapt a Georgian melody to Latin or recover a poem by Kafavis. Will offer a multidisciplinary and multidimensional show in which they will combine various artistic languages (dramaturgy, light design, movement, scenery and costumes) who will dialogue with each other, accompanied by singing and live music. Its repertoire is based on oral tradition and author songs related in some way to the Mediterranean with a different and absolutely personal folk.

Two African readings

On the 13th it will be the turn of Bokanté, the band led by Michael League, the composer and bassist of the group Snarky Puppy, and the Canadian singer and pianist Malika Tirolien, who will present their project, which mixes African and Western sounds to talk about the struggles of the world today. The name of the group, made up of eight musicians, comes from the Creole language of Guadeloupe and means exchange for what includes jazz, blues and music from Cuba, Jamaica or the Mississippi delta, but also from West Africa. They define it as a strange combination of “African sounds, delta blues and Led Zeppelin”, with lyrics sung in Creole and French about today’s world and the problems it faces, from racism and migrations to indifference to the pain of others that they have uploaded on their two albums: Strange Circles Y What Heat.

More African music on the 20th with Imany, an artist who represents the strength of femininity in contemporary Africa and who reinterprets with his voice and the eight cello strings some of the great moments in pop history. Its intention is to remind us of the growing importance of the role of women on the African continent, reviewing in a very original way songs by artists such as Cat Stevens, Radiohead, Donna Summer or Bob Marley. A scenic and musical experience that is a great symphony orchestration exercise that the same artist, known for her perfectionist spirit and artistic ambition, is in charge of directing. It will surely surprise us.

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From Cecilia to miscegenation

The following name needs almost no introduction, it is about Catalan singer-songwriter Lidia Pujol (day 21), which will review one of his most unusual works, Conversing with Cecilia. And it is that this artist of exquisite sensitivity intends dialogue with the repertoire of a singer-songwriter who marked the sound imagination of a generation and vindicate the figure of the longed-for author of A sprig of violets O Nothing at all. Its precursor lyrics they hid between the lines clearly feminist positions and demands for freedom and social justice in the throes of the Franco dictatorship. Pujol leaves behind the original arrangements of the time to focus on his lyrics that make us wonder who we are, what we think and what are our deepest desires. Songs from yesterday that raise questions and what they are as current now as when they were composed.

And, as the end of the party, on the 30th the Ítaca Band, one of the main representatives of mestizo music, an explosion of music, hymns and dance rhythms that connect with the audience from the beginning. But they are also a committed, vindictive group that advocates for social transformation and causes a cataract of emotions always from optimism. This band born in Montcada i Reixac is now reviewing their discography in a different format, naked and acoustic. After having to suspend the presentation tour of The tongue of the birds Due to the health crisis, they conceived an intimate and different show, what they call a “Gira a-simptomàtica & rdquor; that they perform in a reduced musical format (with voice, guitar, double bass and drums as well as some special arrangements) despite which they maintain the strength of the conventional live show, adding a thousand and one nuances to it. Six very interesting proposals to meet again with the best music.


Grec 2021 concerts at BARTS

Where? BARTS (avenue Paral·lel, 62).

When? at 8.30 p.m. Until July 30.

Price: from 15 to 45 euros, depending on the area and the concert.

More information: BARTS room.

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