July 25, 2021

5 national releases you need the

This week’s Radar Rock brings 5 ​​national and independent artists who prove that rock is more alive than ever. Check out!

Those who still insist on saying that rock is dead are in need of breaking new ground in the Brazilian independent rock scene. Even in the face of the biggest political, sanitary and cultural crisis in recent times, national artists and bands insist on making art a place of anger, vengeance – and healing. As Lázaro Ramos recently said in an interview: “For me, art at this moment has to do with health”.

This edition of Radar Rock brings 5 ​​deliciously insistent national artists to put a band-aid on our typically Brazilian 2021 bruises. Starting with the acoustic project of Violet Soda. Inspired by classic MTV acoustics, the album Unplugged brings reinterpretations of the band’s songs and will be divided into three moments. The first one, released on 4/06, has an unreleased song called Are You OK?, which you see at the top of this list.

BaianaSystem on stage

Next, the singer-songwriter-guitarist Gabriel Vendramini features Stardust, released on June 3rd. The song is the first release since the album. Phantom Pain, from 2020. Gabriel is one of the most insistent artists in independent rock: he creates, records and produces everything from inside his room – it was like that even before the pandemic!

To enrich the Brazilianness of this selection, we count on the participation of Runner Fire. The band, with a decade of career, has just released the single legends, which runs through the history of national folk characters, mixing rock and maracatu baque in a unique way.

If you like poetic psychedelias – or psychedelic poetry – the indication of the week is the new song by the São Paulo band A Drama. yesterday tomorrow goes beyond blues boundaries to flirt with progressive and even post rock elements. It is worth mentioning the lyrics and voice arrangements interspersed with the recitation of verses that further enrich the sound layers.

Radar Rock ends with band Velodkos, from Jundiaí/SP. The trio has just released the song Normal Face, debuting its participation in the label Maxilar Music. If there’s one thing that people in the interior of the state miss, it’s a show by Velodkos; like Cara Normal, the band’s live performances were always deafening and visceral.

And since this text was introduced with the idea of ​​art as a place of healing, there is nothing fairer than to close it in the same way. Who takes the floor is the poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), in the translation of Augusto de Campos:

Martyr Poets – do not cry –

Pain in syllables transmute –

Their poems speak for them –

When they are already mute.

Martyr Painters – Don’t Speak –

With their Work they aspire

That when they are no longer –

Some look to Art – Peace.

Violet Soda – Are You OK?

Gabriel Vendramini – Stardust

Corridor Fire – Legends

The Drama – Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Velodkos – Normal Face


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