August 2, 2021

After 8 years, Chet Faker is back with sexy and dancing video

That story of announcing the album’s first single for 5 months, then declaring that the album will take a few more weeks, is a thing of the past. Now the artists are arriving with both feet in the door, it was the case of the comeback (almost-musical slang) of the Chet Faker and your sexy and calm song Feel Good.

After 8 years without releasing a record, Chet Faker, pseudonym of Nick Murphy, launches the combo: single, music and points towards the next album, titled “Hotel Surrender”.

japanese woman playing keyboard

In the second single released later this year, he appears wearing a sort of white sweater and Kurt Cobain glasses while skating on an empty road and proclaiming “Feel good, it’s got that”, an invitation to dance and the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Check out this and the other two singles that until then seemed like separate songs:

Feel Good

Get High

Whatever Torrow

Hotel Surrender it already has a debut date, it will be on streaming platforms on the 16th of July, to cure the good hangover, but which lasted almost eight years after his last album, the Built on Glass. Time needed to recreate itself again and get back on track.

The producer, composer and artist who went on stage 5 times to redeem the award at the festival ARIA Music Awards (The ARIA Music Awards is a musical award given annually by the Australian Record Industry Association. Created in 1987, whose aim is to reward only the best Australian artists). You can already get the musical quality coming from him.

baptized as Nicholas James Murphy, the Australian artist started the project Chet Faker in 2012, with the disc Thinking in Textures, signed by the record company Downtown Records from United States. The album was an instant hit, both by critics and by the indie audience that has already embraced Chet in the song’s darling list. Thinking in Textures was a winner at the main European, North American and Australian independent music awards. It was in 2013 that it reached its peak with the kick-off of the great halftime show of the American football final, the Super Bowl. Murphy abandoned the name Chet Faker to start performing and releasing material with your birth name, start of release of two singles later that year. But it returned to using the original name only in 2020, when the first single was released for this new/old new era, resuming the paused work since 2014.