July 24, 2021

Andrea Di Giovanni returns with the remix of “Rebel” in a disco / hyperpop key

The song Rebel of Andrea Di Giovanni back in a new version remixed by Sem & Stènn. Rebel-Remix has been available on digital platforms since June 21, 2021.

Sem & Stènn they revisited the original track in a disco / hyperpop key. However, they kept the main meaning of the song: the climatic emergency is real and brings with it a chaotic, strange sound, emitting almost ultra-terrestrial vibrations. In bridge the boys, the “ultimate rebels“, They tell of their rebellion against a society that lives a”boring life”(Boring life) and who refuses to take action to create a better world.

The collaboration with Sem & Stènn stems from the desire to work together with queer Italian artists and show our talent on a global level and not only in Italy. With the boys we followed each other on Instagram at the beginning of the pandemic and from there a beautiful relationship developed thanks to which this fantastic and innovative remix of Rebel was born“, He said Andrea di Giovanni.

Andrea di giovanni: Rebel-Remix comes out in June, not surprisingly …

The artist, a prominent activist of the LGBTQ + community of London where he moved at the age of 19 shortly after the conclusion of his ad experience Friends 12, made a precise choice on the release of the song. It is no coincidence, in fact, that he decided to publish this new version of Rebel a June, which it is the Pride Month.

The release of the song gave the singer the opportunity to express his idea about Pride Month. About this, Andrea di Giovanni he has declared: “Pride month is a celebration that to date seems more for people outside the queer community than anything else. My existence, my rights, my safety are important issues throughout the year and not just for a month. I would like to see my community represented always, in every aspect and environment of our society, not just with a miserable rainbow during the month of June.“.

Andrea Di Giovanni