July 24, 2021

Dave Abbruzzese re-recorded drums for Pearl Jam’s “Rearviewmirror” and fans achieved an exciting version.

Dave Abbruzzese, former Pearl Jam drummer, continues to be in constant contact with his fans worldwide.

The musician, now 53 years old, accompanied Eddie Vedder and the rest of the band in the period between 1991 and 1994. With the Seattle band recorded “Vs.” (1993) and “Vitalogy” (1994).

A significant space for fans of the men of “Alive”, so their contribution to Pearl Jam is still treasured by them.

Abbruzzese “kindly” gave his work to the Pearl Jamily France community, re-recording the drums of the classic “Rearviewmirror” from “Vs.” for them to end up achieving an exciting version with various guitars and voices, both male and female.

“Each participant started with the drums that David Abbruzzese recorded exceptionally and kindly for us“, explained Pearl Jamily France.

And they added: “It started with the original sound of the album … and we recorded over it. Eric Lefebvre from Tarantula Records studio gradually assembled the mix and then allowed the singers to put their voices on it. Then he did the final mixing and mastering … each participant filmed and recorded with the media at hand. In a home studio, study or even with just a cell phone“.

According to Loudwire, a Abbruzzese se suman los músicos Meg Alex (Megalow, Ronin), Gaelle Hance (Neeba), Raphael Maarek, Antoine Abinun (Dry Can), Laurent Jalicon (Facelift), Jefferson Sebire (Unagi), David Waytenc (Janis Rainer), Christophe Michel (Facelift), Jefferson Sebire, Fyl MorningStar Ferquel (Half-My-Friend), Flavio Alves (Panic Resort), Laurent Jalicon y Antoine Abinun.

Drummer was not inducted into Pearl Jam’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2017.

To view the video on YouTube, do click on the photo that we leave you next: