July 26, 2021

guide to movies that debut in the coming days on major platforms

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Marsha Johnson

Carnival – 06/02

Where: Netflix

What to expect: After the end of the relationship, an influencer travels with her friends to Carnival in Bahia, discovering that real life is much more vibrant than she thought. in the cast Giovana Cordeiro, GKay e Flavia Pavanelli.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: O Filme – 03/06

Where: Netflix

What to expect: A solar eclipse changes the planet. A dark one dominates the Earth and the Sailors must gather to recover the light.

Infiltrator Na Klan – 06/03

Where: Netflix

What to expect: In this Spike Lee film, Colorado Springs Police’s first black detective teams up with a fellow Jew to infiltrate a group of white supremacists.

Zombie 4: The Third Door of Hell – 06/03/

Where: Darkflix

What to expect: Directed by Claudius Fragasso, this Italian horror bets on the zombie subgenre to scare the audience. A sorcerer opens the third gate of Hell located on the island in an attempt to bring back his dead daughter’s life during cancer treatment. In this way he ends up releasing demonic zombies hungry for human flesh. A few years later, the daughter of one of the doctors responsible for the girl’s death returns to the island without knowing that she will have to face the monsters.

Mortal Blessing – 06/04

Where: Darkflix

What to expect: In this film by the filmmaker Wes Craven (The nightmare time) met Jim and Martha, a young couple who live in a rural area of ​​the United States. After the first year of marriage, Jim has a mysterious accident and dies. In mourning, Martha goes to Los Angeles at the invitation of two friends, but soon the three become targets of dark events. Are those responsible for your husband’s death behind the persecution? In the cast, Sharon Stone which years later would star in the great success Wild instinct.

Around the World Festival: Spain – 03/06 to 16/06

Where: Belas Artes A La Carte

What to expect: Developed in partnership with the Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy, the show has 12 films, ranging from great classics to modern cults and unpublished in Brazilian cinemas, in addition to award-winning co-productions with other countries.

Tip: Watch the twelve titles of the show and learn more about Spanish production. Here we list the titles of the show in chronological order:

  • Welcome Mr Marshall (1953), by Luis García Berlanga;
  • Viridiana (1961), by Luis Buñuel;
  • the hive spirit (1973), by Víctor Erice;
  • Breeding ravens (1976), by Carlos Saura;
  • Cows (1992), by Julio Medem;
  • The Language of Butterflies (1999), by José Luis Cuerda;
  • Joan the Mad (2001), by Vicente Aranda;
  • through my eyes (2003), by Icíar Bollaín;
  • The Secret in Your Eyes (2009), by Juan José Campanella;
  • Living is easy with your eyes closed (2013), by David Trueba;
  • Mary (and the others) (2016), by Nely Reguera;
  • Saura(s) (2017), by Félix Viscarret.

Yasmine Evaristo

Visual artist, draftsman, majoring in Letters – Publishing Technologies. Film researcher, mainly in the fantastic genre, as well as representation and representation of black people in cinema. Devotee of the holy trinity Tarkovski-Kubrick-Lynch.