August 3, 2021

How was the meeting between Luis Miguel and Frank Sinatra?

Luis Miguel is a loyal admirer of Frank Sinatra, he himself acknowledged in 1995 that he began to listen to his songs as a child, and pointed out that his music helped him learn English. The encounter between these two stars has its own chapter in history, a moment that the netflix series revived this Sunday in episode five of the second season, and even took a step further by reveal new details of the day the artists met.

Sing to duet with Frank Sinatra It was a “dream come true” for Luis Miguel, but the admiration was mutual: “You can get where you want to go “, confessed The voice a Sun, just as the book collects King’s Gold, from Juan Manuel Navarro and Javier León Herrera (biographer singer’s official).

Much is said about his musical collaboration with the theme “Come Fly with Me”; however, it came after a discreet meeting that they had in New York; here we tell you how it was.

Frank Sinatra and Luis Miguel they met for the first time in The city that never sleeps on 1994. The voice he was preparing his album Duets II and I was looking for a latin singer with whom to record one of the songs, and of course Sun He did not miss the opportunity to join his idol.

This happened the day Luis Miguel met Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra met with the interpreter of “Until you forget me” thanks to the intervention of Miguel Aleman Magnani, this is how the Netflix series exposes it in the fifth chapter, where it is revealed that Sinatra was the godfather of the former president’s grandson Miguel Aleman Valdes.

“I understand that you are a great singer”, were the first words of The voice to Luis Miguel.

The Sun can only answer “I try”, his answer apparently was not to the liking of Frank Sinatra, who mentions: “Ah, you try. Do you sing or not?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t sing, sir”, Micky defends himself.

Prove it, boy. Do you need an orchestra? The piano is there, “Sinatra tells him.

As the series shows, that night Luis Miguel performed the song for Frank Sinatra “Miss you”, from Armando Manzanero So what included in his record album Romance (1991).

Finally the singers would record Come Fly with me”, a song that united two unique and prodigious voices, and for Luis Miguel this duet meant the rise of his career and his foray into the US industry.

Luis Miguel sang for Frank Sinatra on his birthday

In 1995, the interpreter of “Suave” participated in the tribute to Frank Sinatra for his 8th birthday0, which took place in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. During the event Luis Miguel performed on stage “Come Fly with me”, accompanied by a video of the American singer.

According to the book King’s Gold, the publicist and manager Marianne Sauvage He was one of the key people for Luis Miguel to sing that night for Sinatra.

“When he recorded he had to lower a pitch to sing like Frank Sinatra, he told her that if she sang in English he would break it and that it was the best thing she had ever heard of any Latin American singer, “the authors point out.

The tribute to Frank Sinatra was attended by celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Tony Benett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paula Abdul, Bit and Bob Dylan. There is even a photograph in which Luis Miguel appears surrounded by the most recognized American celebrities of that time.

“I’m going to sing until I’m 70 years old with a glass of whiskey, like Frank Sinatra did,” Luis Miguel confessed.