August 4, 2021

Iseo Jazz XXIX edition, from 4th to 11th July

In program from 4th to 11th July, the twenty-ninth edition of Iseo Jazz (last year’s one was characterized by a single concert, intended as a tribute to the victims of Covid-19) almost entirely re-presents the program that was scheduled for 2020 and, in picking up the thread from where it left off, it gives a signal of coherence, of continuity, but above all of rebirth, of that recovery that only culture can truly guide. The proposal maintains its design depth, without changing the programmatic line that has distinguished the festival since the first edition and which has made it a unique review on the national scene, a reference point on the Italian scene, an important landing place for our musicians of jazz, in which there are no stylistic and generational prejudices and significant spaces are opened up for the new generations, without forgetting the great personalities of our jazz scene. A festival that places music at the center and proposes a bill that, as a whole, can only be heard in Iseo.
The singularity of Iseo Jazz then lies in the fact of being an event that favors musical culture and not entertainment and this year’s program also amply demonstrates this, with new proposals that investigate contemporaneity through different paths. From the only of Bebo Ferra (July 7 in Sale Marasino), evocative and full of heterogeneous ideas, to Mozart’s jazz reinterpretation (July 11 in Iseo) by the JW Orchestra of Marco Gotti (Iseo Lifetime Achievement Award for the originality and importance of his work as band leader and arranger), from the free improvisation of the duo Remondini-Way (Iseo, 9 July) to the propositional variety of the new quartet of Antonio Zambrini (Clusane, 10 July), from the trio of Simona Premazzi, Italian pianist established in New York (Iseo, 11 July), in the quartet of baritones, which will travel in the history of the most recent jazz, of the saxophonist Helga Plankensteiner (Palazzolo sull’Oglio, 4 July). Also worth noting is the reinterpretation of progressive rock by the trumpeter’s group Marco Mariani (Iseo, 9 July), while the space for young people and emerging talents will be dedicated to the double bass player quartet Andrea Grossi, which moves in the context of the relationship between poetry and music (Palazzolo sull’Oglio, 4 July). Finally, the duo of Enrico Intra, the true musical testimonial of the festival, who on 10 July in Clusane will talk with a talented young musician (Margherita Carbonell), starting from ideas related to technical studies for double bass. A billboard that highlights, on the one hand, the significant presence of jazz for women, on the other the gaze of jazz on the world of rock and, finally, the attention to forms of contemporary improvisation and relations with electronics. A festival that, once again, will touch Palazzolo sull’Oglio e Marasino salt, places that integrate and extend it to the circuit of Iseo Jazz, to which is added the twinning with theTadini Academy of Lovere (Bg), promoter of the initiatives of Lovere Jazz, with the project “The two banks of jazz”, from possible and interesting developments. As usual, the Iseo Jazz program also this year includes a “widespread” photographic exhibition, set up in the shops in the center of the Sebino capital, to create an ideal jazz “dress” as a setting for the festival. The exhibition is dedicated to the portraits of Italian musicians taken mainly in the 1980s by a historian jazz photographer, Carlo Verri, also awarded the Iseo Lifetime Achievement Award. Finally, on Sunday 11 July, on the final day of the review, the volume will be presented “The History of Jazz” (Hoepli publisher, edited by Luigi Onori, Riccardo Brazzale and Maurizio Franco).

ISEO JAZZ – The house of Italian jazz – XXIX edition, from 4 to 11 July 2021

Sunday 4th July – Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Villa Küpfer park
Andrea Grossi quartet – Songs and Poems
Andrea Grossi (double bass), Gaia Mattiuzzi (vocals), Manuel Caliumi (alto sax), Michele Bonifati (electric guitar)

Helga Plankensteiner

Helga Plankensteiner – Barionda
Rossano Emili (baritone sax), Angel Ballester (baritone sax), Helga Plankensteiner (baritone sax), Giorgio Beberi (baritone sax), Zeno De Rossi (drums)

Wednesday 7 July – Sale Marasino, parvis of the Borgo Maspiano church
Bebo Ferra Solo! – Songs and stories from Sardinia to Jazz (special festival project)
Bebo Ferra (guitars, electronics)

Eloisa Way

Friday 9 July – Iseo, churchyard of the parish church of Sant’Andrea
Eloisa Manera-Marco Remondini duo From Bach to contemporary improvisation
Eloisa Manera (violin, electronics), Marco Remondini (cello, electronics)
Marco Mariani septet Everythnig But Jazz: Doors, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple nel castello del Jazz
Marco Mariani (trumpet, harmonizer, arrangements), Linda Paganelli (vocals), Franco Bagnoli (alto sax), Nicola Pecchiari (tenor sax, EWI), Claudio Pozzi (piano, keyboards), Luca Zollo (double bass, electric bass), Nicola Foreigners (drums)

Enrico Intra

Saturday 10 July – Clusane, parvis of the Old Church
Enrico Intra-Margherita Carbonell duo Jazz Studio Jazz (special festival project)
Enrico Intra (piano), Margherita Carbonell (double bass)
Antonio Zambrini quartet From Nino Rota to Procol Harum (special festival project)
Rafael Schilt (saxophones), Antonio Zambrini (piano), Alex Orciari (double bass), Pasquale Fiore (drums)

Jw Orchestra

Sunday 11 July – Iseo, Lido di Sassabanek
Simona Premazzi trio Tribute to Andrew Hill
Simona Premazzi (piano), Marco Micheli (double bass), Luca Santaniello (drums)
JW Orchestra conducted by Marco Gotti Creative Mozart
M. Gotti (original arrangements, alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet), Giambattista Gotti (alto sax, flute), Maurizio Moraschini (tenor sax, clarinet), Giancarlo Porro (baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute), Giuseppe Chirico (trumpet ), Sergio Orlandi (trumpet), Davide Albrici (trombone), Pier Muccio (trombone), Francesco Chebat (piano), Sandro Massazza (double bass), Stefano Bertoli (percussion).
During the evening the Iseo Prizes will be awarded to Carlo Verri and Marco Gotti and the book “La Storia del Jazz” (Hoepli publisher) by Luigi Onori, Riccardo Brazzale and Maurizio Franco will be presented.
All concerts are free and will start at 21. In case of rain, the concert in Palazzolo sull’Oglio will be held at the Casa della Musica, that of Sale Marasino in the former church of San Pietro dei Disciplini and those of Iseo at the Oldofredi Castle.
From 2 July to 5 September a traveling photographic exhibition in the shops of the center of Iseo
Carlo Verri – Pages of Italian jazz.
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