July 24, 2021

Kiss: Ace Frehley confirmed to be part of farewell tour at some point

May 15, 2021 8:33 pm
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The reunion of Kiss With his ex-guitarist, he seems closer and closer to completion. And what better opportunity for Ace Frehley get back on stage in the band he was a part of for fifteen years than in the ‘End of the Road Tour’.

The veteran manager of the New York combo, Doc McGhee, has confirmed before Rob’s School of Music that Frehley will have a role on Kiss’s farewell tour, although he has not gone into details as to when the tour will take place: “Will Ace show up? Of course it will. Hopefully peter (editor’s note: Peter Criss, former drummer of the group with whom Paul Stanley also remains willing to playr) it will. Everyone is invited to the Kiss party. We haven’t had that many band members. Since I’ve been there, there have been two different ones, and that’s it. But Kiss is Kiss […] I think one of those things that will last forever.

Previously, the manager set out his work philosophy, perfectly illustrated in the motto “you wanted the best, you got the best” : “All things are possible. We never said never about anything. We just know that we want to give people the best show in the world to go see. And my philosophy for all my bands has always been that if you are the best at what you do, people will come to see you. And if you are not, they will go to see the best. It’s fucking simple. So what do we do with Kiss? We put on a program that, whether you like Kiss or not, are a Kiss fan or know one of his songs, you want to go see because it is incredible and entertaining “.

Although Frehley has not refused to return to the spotlight with Kiss, yes has warned Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons that if they want me to play with them “They will have to scratch their pockets a lot”.


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