August 3, 2021

Legendary group the Kinks could reunite (and debut in the country)

Considered among the best English rock groups of the 60s, only preceded by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the Kinks had great hits such as “You really got me” (the first heavy rock riff), or “Lola”, the world’s first massive success on transsexuality; The Kinks suffered, from their genesis, the creative rivalry between the two brothers, always being the main composer Sir Ray Davies, who kept the credits to the detriment of his younger brother, Dave, the main guitarist and author of some of the songs. more introspective of the band, despite the fact that Ray was always the creative brain that achieved hits like the first concept album in history, “Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire” (1969). Starting with the recent special edition commemorating 50 years of this masterpiece, Europe, both Ray and Dave confirmed in different interviews that they are preparing for their return, which would take place in 2020. The fervor for a reunion of the Kinks flew so high that even the new Nobel Prize in Literature, Peter Handke, quoted them when he assured that his feeling when he learned of the award could be synthesized in the Kinks song “Too Much In My Mind”.


Sir Ray Davis, one of its leaders, in a solo recitation of recent years.

Curiously, most of the news and interviews came from Europe, especially from Spain rather than from England, where in an interview for the newspaper El País Ray Davies stated that there is already an album that takes shape and is more than a “work in progress ”, ensuring something unprecedented in the group’s turbulent history, and that is that his brother Dave was in charge of several of the compositions on the new album. This alerted social networks and rock sites, taking into account the bad relationship between the brothers, and the fact that they did not coincide in a studio since 1996, when they recorded their last opus so far, “State of Confusion”. Since then, the Davies brothers have only performed live to perform two or three songs at special events, such as their acceptance into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. But everything indicates that the passage of time has ironed out their differences, to the point that Ray has already attributed the problems to reunite the group not to his brother but to the bad character of the drummer Mick Ivory.

An expert on the Kinks who is in contact with the management of the band and the musicians is the Spanish Mikel Barsa, a collector and promoter of rock presentations who, in dialogue with this newspaper, assured that the meeting of the Kinks can almost take place. for fact: “I can confirm that Ray and Dave are working together, thinking about the release of their new album, and even the last details. They are agreeing on the fine tuning of the lyrics, something understandable given the two decades that have passed since they last recorded together. As for returning to the stage, I can say without hindrance that Ray is very seduced by the idea, so I am attentive to promoting the possible safe tour of Spain and Portugal, and if conditions make it possible, also Argentina ”.

Barsa points out that, given the social themes of many of the Davies’ band’s best songs, the fact that the “Arthur” album received its special edition just as England was experiencing the convulsions of Brexit has also given them a new air in their land. As 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the group’s most popular album, “Lola vs. Powerman ”, the celebration of this other English rock masterpiece may be accompanied by a first taste of how the talent of Ray and Dave Davies fits into the 21st century.