July 26, 2021

The book “The Biography” will be published in November

The November 9 launch of a new book on Led Zeppelin, with the title Led Zeppelin: The Biography, was announced this week.

But it is not just one more publication of the many that have been made about the quartet, rather it is the definitive biography of the legendary British band.

It is written by Bob Spitz, the same as best seller with the story of The Beatles, who also made books on Bob Dylan and the festival of Woodstock.

In his career, apart from being a journalist and music researcher, Spitz was also a manager of Bruce Springsteen Y Elton John.

“The Biography” promises “more light than heat”

This new release was confirmed by Penguin Press and in his presentation he states: “No one before or after has lived the dream as Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones Y John Bonham. On ‘The Biography‘Spitz takes their measure, for the better and sometimes for the worse. He separates myth from reality with the knowledge and ability to tell stories that characterize him. “

The book presentation adds that “from the first notes of their first album, the band was heralded as something different. A collision of great artistic ambition and primitive brute force, of delicate English folk music and harsh African-American blues. That record sold more. 10 million copies, and it was the very beginning. Led Zeppelin’s albums have sold more than 300 million certified copies worldwide, and the dust has never settled. Altogether, their discography has passed a dozen years almost incomprehensible on album charts, “he adds.

“The band is notoriously reserved, and previous books shed more warmth than light. But Spitz’s authority is undeniable and irresistible,” he continues.

“Their perception of the environment, the context – the music, the business, the recording studios, the life of the tours, the radio stations, the fans, the entire ecosystem of popular music – is unparalleled,” he says. Penguin Press.

Led Zeppelin: The Biography“It is also the story of how the 60s became the 70s, of how playing in clubs became playing in stadiums and flying in your own jet, how innocence became decadence,” says the book’s presentation.

Led Zeppelin: The Biography is currently available to pre-order on Amazon.