July 31, 2021

Carla Luna is the singer from San Sebastián who denounces bullying

Carla Luna is Perra Diva. An artist from Donosti who, through the music and lyrics of her latest single and video clip, denounces bullying and claims freedom.

Carla Luna is a singer and songwriter. He is 30 years old and is from San Sebastian. Trained in Madrid as a theater performer, she has sung everywhere doing duets, from weddings to events. But the important thing is his most personal musical project. Released in 2020 with 2 titled singles: Con mi culo no, and Flores Muertas. Perra Diva is her third single. An anthem against bullying.

Video Perra Diva by Carla Luna (@carlalunatica)

Photos: Raquel Arianys / Makeup: Aitiber López and Thamirys Andrade / Hairdresser: Emma Justina / Styling: Darrk, Fat Marmot, Alejandra de la Plata / Jewelry: Fat Marmot

We interview the most lunatic artist from San Sebastián who fuses soul with minimalist electronics and urban pop

How was Carla Luna’s project born?

I had been singing covers and jazz standards for years, bowling and weddings, and it seemed that it was never the time, but in 2019, as a result of a personal crisis, I woke up. I had been without projects for a while and without singing, and if I don’t do something artistic, but sing or do something with which I can express myself, I die inside. Something told me now, or never. And I pulled forward. I found a great mix working with Andrés Navascuéz and Dan Nisenson, and I haven’t stopped. It takes a lot to find the right people. I recorded the short musical poem Flores Muertas, and immediately recorded my first single Con mi culo NO. Since I was a child I have a dream, a goal, and I go for it.

Why more focused on music and not in another artistic field?

Music is what I like the most in the world. It takes me to another universe. When I listen to music I feel safe, I travel far from things that I don’t like or, on the contrary, it helps me dream wonderful things. And singing gives me a pleasure that nothing else gives me. I feel pure pleasure.

Carla Luna is a Diva Bitch

Carla Luna photographed by Raquel Arianys

Carla Luna is your real and artistic name.

Carla Luna is my name. Luna is not my last name, but it is my middle name. My parents called me that and I find it beautiful. Why change it? I also have something special about the moon and what it means to be a lunatic. I am always in another universe, on the moon.

Bitch Diva is your new topic, what is a Bitch Diva?

For me Perra Diva is the attitude, the armor, the costume or the character that you wear to overcome certain people or things. It is an internal force, a light that you put on and with which you overcome everything. In this case, I was thinking of the people who do not let you be free, who oppress you, those who criticize you for being who you are, or those who have done you a lot of harm, and have made you feel alone and excluded. I have felt that way, and I am still very vulnerable, but then I put myself in Bitch Diva mode, and I feel very above those people, they sweat my pussy and what they have to say about me. Said wrong and fast. I think, poor people, they are full of prejudices and cannot let others be free, nor themselves. Diva bitch to show off and shine just as you are.

You explain that you want to reflect on the bullying and harassment that people who do not fit in often receive.

More than reflecting on it, I want to give them light, encouragement, strength, the desire to start dancing and forget the discomfort, and that they feel accompanied. I think it is very difficult to face problems, and it is difficult to recognize them. It’s just another shit out of all the shit we accept. Look at the networks, they are sources of bullying. There are people who spend their free time doing private accounts to criticize others. It is awful. It is full of hurtful messages, harassment …

Carla Luna is a Diva Bitch

Carla Luna photographed by Raquel Arianys

Why do the friends of people who bully look the other way?

For cowardice, and comfort. It is very uncomfortable to argue and do something about what is wrong. Just like when men don’t say anything when their friends have sexist behaviors.

You have already published 3 singles, Con Mi Culo No, Flores Muertas and Perra Diva, are you going to publish any LP, EP or mixtape soon?

My intention is to have a record for autumn, everything has been delayed by Covid. It has been difficult to get everything going with all the added complications.

How do you see Carla Luna’s project in the long term?

New, changing, surprising. I don’t know what it will be that I need to get out of me at all times. What I feel, I will translate it. Right now I’m in an expressive explosion, and I’m having a lot of fun discovering myself.

Carla Luna is a Diva Bitch

In what genres does Carla Luna move?

Carla Luna will have stages. I want to give voice to all my facets and needs and to be able to contribute something of value. The music I drink from is very varied, a lot, but it is clear that there are genres that are my favorites such as RnB, neo soul, soul, pop, disco, hip hop, afro beat and all their brothers and relatives close. Everything that moves me and has a lot of bass or a good groove.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Ugh, this question is always very difficult for me. Set to dream … C. Tangana, Deva, Astrid Canales, Kali Uchis, Sen Senra, Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, Kanye West, Sade, Lianne la Havas, and if they were still alive, Donny Hathaway, Jonni Mitchel, and Sarah Vaughan. I think a lot about the combination of voices, I love the textures in the voices. And I’d like to play Perra Diva with a symphony orchestra.

What music are you listening to right now?

This year I have been a bit looping with Kaytranada, Chloe x Halle, Victoria Monet, Sza, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Jazmine Sullivan, Kali Uchis, Nina Simone always, Beyoncé always, Giveon, Ari Lennox, Solange and the great classical singers .

Plans for 2021.

Keep composing and releasing the music that I already have prepared, and start doing concerts. I can not wait.