July 27, 2021

Friend of Amy Winehouse, 10 years after her death: “A sick girl was thrown into the deep”

Tyler James denounced the exploitation to which the singer was constantly subjected when she was in full relapses with drugs and alcohol.

Almost ten years after his death (they are celebrated on July 23 next), the Amy Winehouse’s best friend made unpublished statements regarding the controverted career and death of the English artist.

In his book “My Amy, Tyler James reviews Winehouse’s life, her problems with alcohol and drugs, and the exploitation to which she was subjected by her team, who, according to the complaint, they forced her to continue singing in the midst of her relapses.

Amy never wanted to be famous. I wanted to be a jazz singer“says James, who has known the artist since he was 12 years old.

“More than anything, she wanted a family, to be a wife and to have children. All Amy ever wanted was normalcy,” her friend explains to DailyMail. “She always used to say: ‘Fame is like terminal cancer, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone‘. But his album ‘Back To Black’ became number one in 19 countries. “


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In the book, Tyler explains what Amy’s tours were like, in which I used to be so drunk that I was knocked out. On trips between concerts, she would confess “I’m sick of singing these songs that I wrote five years ago.Why can’t they wait for me to write another album to have something to say?? People must be so bored with Rehab, I am. ‘”

In an excerpt from the book, Tyler affirms that “every eight hours he received calls from the managerial team: ‘Is that okay?’. I just repeated ‘no, he is completely unconscious. There’s no way that she can put on a show tonight‘”.

It was in the middle of that tour that Amy Winehouse performed at Belgrade, Serbia, a show that went down in history because I was so drunk that couldn’t sing or stand. The friend assures that she didn’t know where she was, believing they were rehearsing for a show in another country.

James describes the fateful episode as “a sick girl was thrown deep and everyone saw her drown in front of their eyes. The video went viral around the world and made Amy look like a complete mess. I hated everyone for that. “

In “My Amy” Tyler recounts how situations like this were frequent, in which the singer’s team dragged her from show to show, even when she wanted to cancel everything to rehab and write again.