July 29, 2021

“It is an iconic place where I gave my first kiss and experienced my first drunk”

We will not let the palace die. I offer to animate the party of the 31“. With these words, the actress Daniela vega wanted to support the well-known discotheque Blondie, one of the emblematic spaces of Santiago that has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, given the sanitary regulations that prohibit mass events – the commune is just in preparation – in closed spaces.

The event center kept the tradition of holding Halloween festivities every October 31. However, in 2019, the party that would take place at the Equestrian Club had to be suspended amid the social outbreak. Now with the health emergency, the “night of witches” will be celebrated via streaming.

On October 17, Blondie announced that she would hold a special event for this Saturday 31, noting that “we have been unopened for seven months, which has been very rude.” In fact, its producer Ariel Núñez warned that “if there is no sale, it cannot continue.”

In this context, Daniela Vega wanted to join this event. “It is an offer that I made regarding my love and all the years that we have been friends. We intend to deliver a pleasant moment, joy, dance and illusion “, he expressed.

What the actress calls “a wonderful palace located in a subway in Santiago” has a strong meaning in her life. “La Blondie is an iconic place where I gave my first kiss, experienced my first drunk and a whole new world opened up to me., of which I felt part of the moment I stepped onto the first step, “he said.

In addition, the protagonist of A fantastic woman Y The pack revealed a “very strange” anecdote that lived in the discotheque. “It happened to me many years ago, we were dancing on the center court and suddenly I felt like a burn, something like that, in one hand.”

“So I said that someone burned my hand with a cigarette, and It turns out that I had been stung by a beeHe continued. “I have never been stung by a bee in my life. That’s when I discovered I had an allergy and ended up in an emergency that night, swollen as a toad, because a bee stung me inside the Blondie ”.

About what he misses the most about “normality”, Vega stated that “I miss the freedom of being able to hang out with friends, I really miss going to the Blondie to dance, I really miss seeing my girlie, hugging my girlie ”.

Tickets to participate in the Halloween en Blondie, in which Kitty del Aire y Fuego and RoxyFoxy will also participate, are available through the Eventrid system.