July 28, 2021

private spa and saltwater pool


Carlos Santana is making some major real estate moves. As reported by the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, the musician bought an extraordinary vacation home in Hawaii, for $ 20.5 million. This is the second property he has acquired in just one year, after buying, for $ 8 million, a smaller home very close to his new mansion.

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Santana’s new house is located on the island of Kauai, in Hawaii, and consists of four modules connected by a common space whose roof can be moved to expose the space and close it again in the heavy rain season. The central area of ​​the home has a living room and a dining room with huge windows, ranging from floor to ceiling and through which can be seen breathtaking scenery.

A second module of the mansion, meanwhile, has a large master suite and a special feature: it includes an outdoor shower. In the third module you can find two rooms to receive visitors in total comfort and, finally, the house has a large garage.

In total, all the property has an area of ​​more than 2400 square meters. However, all the land that the musician bought reaches 10,668 square meters.



Carlos Santana bought a property with an area of ​​more than 2,400 square meters in Hawaii

In the outdoor space and to enjoy nature there is another living room, a spacious dining room, a lounge and everything you need to receive guests on sunny days. For example, the area includes a kitchen and is equipped for outdoor barbecue. In addition, a huge pool of salt water and a bay view spa they become two of the main attractions of the exterior area of ​​the mansion.

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Santana spends most of her time in Las Vegas today. There, the artist has two expensive properties: one of them has just been valued at 2.8 million dollars. However, whenever he has time, the musician leaves the city to enjoy nature and the tranquility it offers. Hawaii. “He loves to go on vacation there,” he told the Wall Street Journal his manager and brother-in-law, Michael Vrionis. “He travels all the time, he is on tour all the time, so I think what he likes most about Kauai is its serenity,” he concluded.