August 2, 2021

Summary of the ALAN PARSONS press conference

Having the opportunity to participate in a press conference with Alan Parsons for a person who spent part of his youth traveling in his head listening to albums like “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” and “Eve” as a soundtrack is something that excites you.

Thanks to Ana Laballo, Rockthebestnusic and a server we have been able to chat with this sound magician along with other colleagues from other musical platforms.

Alan welcomes us from his home in California, friendly, very communicative, polite and British in his way of approaching us. He tells us that the weather is not good in sunny California and will ask us what time we have here … a banal and effective way to put everyone at ease to start the interview.

Parsons tells us that he feels somewhat “rusty” with the long hiatus due to the pandemic, it should be remembered that this tour that begins shortly should have taken place in 2020 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of his album “The Turn Of Friendly Card ”. Long sigh to see how much time has passed since its release by Parsons, who tells us that they will play the album in its entirety although not in the order of the album, because it has been in the habit of ending with “Games people Plays” for years and in the disk is the second. He also emphasizes that there will be no lack of songs from his latest work published in 2019, “The Secret.”

The talk is fluid and it shows him at ease with the conversation and with the questions, he recognizes that his life would not be the same if he had not been in the famous “Dark Side of The Moon” by the Pink Floyd and that he does not know what it would have happened without such a huge push. But he also likes to remind us that he not only worked for The Beatles and Pink Floyd, that he was also with The Hollies, the Wings, Steve Harley, Paul McCartney and many more, which was an unforgettable experience. The production work excites him and he has a nice and pleasant studio where the latest technology is not lacking, but it reminds us that now many musicians think more in technical than musical terms and that is a shame. He advises young musicians to collaborate with each other, that collaboration is always better than solo work, that like him he always knew how to surround himself with other musicians and that enriched his music. He tells us that Steve Wilson is the perfect example of a musician who makes progressive rock continue to survive, collaborating with other musicians and releasing albums as superb as “The Raven That Refused To Sing”, which Alan Parsons himself produced in a prodigious way showing that he hadn’t lost any of his magic. He also recalls the good time he spent with Wilson in the studio and his way of working, highlighting his power when composing and offering high-level concerts. As for Alan Parson Project, he defines his musical proposal closest to a progressive Pop, and ends by adding that the progressive continues to have a very solid market despite being a genre beaten by many.

When it comes to choosing which album of his discography he is most proud of, he has no doubt that it is his first work, “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”, which he considers to be his first son, seeing his name in a big way on an album cover. for the first time … many emotions bring to mind that first album. As for all what he has produced, he stays with Al Stewart’s, “The Year of the Cat”, which was a worldwide success and that everyone remembers, although he asks us if we know the good Al Stewart, and, of course, all those who We are past 50, we remember in a very marked way, since that album sounded day after day in the stations, bars and discos in 1976 and for years. Curiously, if you stop to see dates, both albums of which you feel most proud came out practically one after the other, that same year.

The interview is progressing more and more fluidly, he tells us that he likes to go to the cinema with his wife or watch movies on the giant screen installed in his house. But the time imposed by the manager is pressing and we have already passed the limits, we all say goodbye as if we were old friends after just a few minutes where he shared memories with us.

Remind those who still hesitate to go to see this tour that “The Turn Of A Friendly Card”, the album of which it is the anniversary was recorded between 1979 and 1980 at the Acoustic Studio in Paris, while Parsons and Woolfson, together with their families lived in Monaco. what he made the germ of the central concept of the album, inspired by the glamor and decadence that intermingle and coexist in the casinos of Monte Carlo and the world. Where chance, victories and defeat are the daily bread, where vice and greed take the human being to the lowest. On a musical level, many consider this album to be the peak of their creativity and possibly the last truly perfect album from start to finish from The Alan Parsons Project.

Final dates and locations Tour July 2021

7/10/21 San Fernando (Cádiz) – South Bay
12/07/21 Barcelona – Pedralbes Gardens
13/07/21 Barcelona – Pedralbes Gardens
14/07/21 Marbella – Starlite
07/19/21 Madrid – MadBeach Club
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