July 31, 2021

these were the first guest stars of the entire series

The Simpsons have some great guest stars throughout their history, some of the names that we’ve seen the show go through include Michael Jackson and even Lady Gaga. But as it should, it always starts with something and here we will see the first two guest stars of the series.

A guest star and another who never left

The first guest star to be credited as such in the entire series is a curious case, as this was actress Marcia Wallace. She is famous, among many other things, for being the voice of Bart’s teacher herself, teacher Edna Krabappel. This happened barely in the second episode of the entire series and, as you can imagine, teacher Krabappel was not expected to be a recurring character.

They liked the voice so much that they decided that the teacher would continue to appear in the series, until, many years later, the character disappeared from The Simpsons thanks to the death of the actress.

Instead, the first guest star to appear as himself is singer Tony Bennet, This appeared for a small moment in episode 5 of the second season, titled Homer the entertainer.

Here we can see Tony Bennet performing a song over the Capital City in the middle of the street when the family moves to this place, a huge and fictional city full of poverty and neon lights.

The Simpsons guest stars

This is how the special appearances of stars, actors, singers, with a guest star who ended up becoming a recurring character and a singer who sang a tune about a fictional city.

Now we will wait to see who will be the last guest star of the entire series, although we will surely have to wait a long time for that to happen, because I doubt very much that Disney is going to let the series die in the near future.