July 31, 2021

Carlos Santana will receive the Legend Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation


Los Angeles, Jun 30 (EFE News) .- The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) announced this Wednesday that the musical icon Carlos Santana will be awarded the Leyenda Award during the thirty-fourth edition of the Hispanic Heritage Awards, which will be held on April 8. October.

“With gratitude, I am deeply honored to receive the 2021 Hispanic Heritage Legend Award. I thank the Latino community and all who feel united with our mission of achieving equality, justice, unity and harmony,” said the Mexican-American guitarist (1947), quoted in a statement from the Foundation.

“We get up every day to touch the hearts of people with our music and vision of spirit, and to make a difference in the world, for the greater good of life, people and the planet,” added the ten-time winner. Grammy Award and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In turn, the president and executive director of the HHF, José Antonio Tijerino, said that the Hispanic Heritage Foundation is “excited” to recognize Carlos Santana with the Leyenda Award.

“By focusing on diversity and inclusion, Carlos has been doing exactly that since beginning his remarkable career mixing genres to create an alchemy of sound, spirit and energy by incorporating rock, jazz, blues, and Latin and African rhythms, among others. . His approach to music is a model of how our country and the world should come together, “he added.

Tijerino also said that during the broadcast of the Awards by the public television network PBS there will be a presentation of an “amazing group of artists” in tribute to Carlos Santana.

“We look forward to celebrating Latinx achievements, vision, and culture across the Americas by honoring Carlos and his remarkable presence,” he said.

Carlos Santana revolutionized rock both for his impressive musical skills and for being a pioneer in mixing Latin music with rock, achieving the internationalization of his songs.

It is perhaps this step that opened the doors to rock en español, which reached its peak in the 1980s when Spanish-speaking countries formed a movement called “Rock en tu lengua”.