July 28, 2021

Date, place, tickets and details

Loved by many and despised by many more, the Funko Pop! They have definitely become one of the favorite items of collectors, since their range of inspiration covers multiple and very varied motifs: from iconic bands and soloists, through artists, characters from the seventh art, the small screen, and pop culture. in general.

It is so from July 30 to August 1 this year, the facilities of the Andersen College (Montiel 205, Lindavista, CDMX), will host the Expo Funko Retro 2021 As its name implies, it will offer a wide variety of the famous collectible figurines, especially those that are no longer in existence and that belong to past capsules.

The event is organized by Itchi Toys and according to your event on Facebook, there will be more than a thousand Funkos different to choose from, in addition of course to live and deal directly with collectors enthusiasts in the city.

General admission will cost $ 25 pesos and, in addition to being able to acquire that Funko Pop! how much you need your showcase, you will also enjoy the presence of special guests such as Meli G, Latin American dubbing actress for characters like “Lucy Pevensie” (‘The Chronicles of Narnia’), “Pinkie Pie” (‘My Little Pony’) and “Bella” (‘Beauty and the Beast’).

More guests and details of the event will be announced as the date approaches, and it is worth noting that the pertinent sanitary measures will be taken. To keep you up to date with news from Expo Funko Retro 2021, you can follow Ichi Toys in social networks.

In related news, recently Funko Pop! announced his line ‘Popapalooza’, that will offer multiple items from the collection Pop! Rocks of the brand, including BTS, Green Day Y Pearl Jam, to name a few.