July 24, 2021

Def Leppard’s Phil Collen explains how his collaboration with Chaka Khan came about – EzAnime.net

DEF LEPPARD guitarist lider Phil Collen joined the iconic queen of funk Chaka Khan on stage during the Black Girls Rock! 15th anniversary fundraising gala, which aired on June 18 on the newly launched .! TV network.

The virtual gala, promoted by Microsoft, was an illustrious celebration of the magic of black girls with additional musical performances by Grammy-virtuous nominees Alice Smith Y Maimouna Youssef, also know as MuMu Fresh; DC’s women’s go-go band BEAUTIFUL OWNER; grammy award-winning gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard; and famous DJ Active. The event was hosted by the esteemed actress. Tatyana Ali and the hip-hop icon MC Lyte, with appearances by the acclaimed actor Wood Harris, grammy award-winning artist Estelle, and more.

Asked in a new interview with The SDR show as can collaboration emerged, Collen saying: “[American DJ, businesswoman, producer, writer and former Wilhelmina model] Beverly Bond has this thing that she created years ago called Black Girls Rock!, and it’s empowerment for women of color, girls of color, who have no voice. It’s hard enough for a woman; it’s even worse for a black woman, growing up and all these other things. So they simply give voice and empowerment and inspire young women of color.

“I am the father of three black girls,” he continued. “I have three daughters. Their moms are black. They are considered black women or little girls. So it’s close to me. My wife is black.

“I have known Beverlyand my wife Helen he has worked with her for years. This has happened [when she said], ‘We have some acts, and it would be great if you played guitar with Chaka. I was like, ‘Oh my God. She is one of my idols. ‘

When the event was first announced, Link He said, ‘Fifteen years ago, I created Black Girls Rock! honor black women and counter social norms that too often marginalize our voices, images, and contributions. Black Girls Rock! unleashed a radical paradigm shift that exponentially elevated the stories, leadership, accomplishments, and inclusion of women of color. I am honored by the tremendous global impact this movement has had on the lives of millions of women and girls.

«After fifteen years of advocating for the visibility and power of Black women, it is a proper evolution to launch our own OTT network, .! TV. Owning our narrative while promoting economic empowerment and black equity is critical to our liberation. As the proud owner of this new media platform, I can now scale my efforts to create content that reflects our audience and provide more opportunities for content creators and storytellers.

«I am grateful to Microsoft for leading by example in support of black women-owned businesses. Your sponsorship of this year’s fundraising gala is a testament to what Allyship looks like in action. Our 15 year fundraising gala is spearheaded by the incomparable Chaka Khan and many other incredible artists will join us in marking this momentous milestone. “

Chaka Khan He said: «It is an honor to support Beverly Bond and this amazing organization and movement that she has built. I’m so excited to headline Black Girls Rock!15th anniversary fundraising gala during the launch of .! TV, which will continue to be an inspiration to all generations, raising legends and ensuring that the enormous contributions of black women to society are recognized.

The Black Girls Rock! The 15th anniversary fundraising gala benefited the advocacy and philanthropic work that Black Girls Rock! continues to pioneer through its 501 (c) (3) programs and initiatives.

Phil Collen takes a SUPER SEXY SOLO with Chaka Kahn on the Black Girls Rock Awards show!

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Posted by Lorelei Shellist on Saturday June 19, 2021

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