August 3, 2021

From the Screen Cinéfilo Summer Edition

By Raul A. Pinto

A new of cops and robbers from the hand of Mr. Soderbergh, an incredible number of movies and series for children, a classic that must be seen and reviewed, and a documentary with quality black music are the super recommended for this weekend .

Steven Soderbergh is one of the few independent Hollywood directors who uses his prestige and fame to continue making original and unique cinema.. “No Sudden Move” is a new installment of the spectacular films of “cops and robbers” that the director has covered, among others, in “Out of Sight”, “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Logan Lucky”. The film has a plot and humor a little blacker than in the aforementioned tapes, but it is a delight to have the usual gallery soderberiana of movie stars in different roles. On this occasion, we have Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin, Ray Liotta and the incredible performances of David Harbor and Matt Damon.

The story becomes captivating enough to keep us intrigued for almost two hours, and follows a gang of thieves who do not know each other, sent to kidnap the family of one of General Motors’ executive accountants in the 1960s, for him to extract some secret documents from his boss’s safe. Small spoiler: everything turns upside down. A delight. Available on Crave TV.

For children of all ages, a series of movies is released to enjoy this summer. Write down: the popular series “Pokemon Journey’s” (From season 1 to 4), the classic of the 90’s “Sailor Moon” (Seasons 1-3), the Robert Rodriguez film series “Spy Kids” (from the first to the fourth), and one of the few animated releases of 2020, “Tom y Jerry: The Movie”. All mentioned series and movies available on Netflix.

Every so often, David Lean’s classic “Lawrence of Arabia” appears on various streaming services. This week it is available again, and it may be time for you to see it. At nearly four hours long and totally worth it, this seven Academy Award-winning film presents the incredible true story of English officer TE Lawrence, who managed to unify different Arab tribes to defeat a common enemy during World War I. Magical, epic and monumental, “Lawrence of Arabia” is a perfect film. Available on Prime Video Canada.

The same summer that the legendary Woodstock festival was held, an event dedicated to African American music was held in New York. During every Sunday, from June 29 to August 24, 1969, about 300 thousand people gathered, with artists such as Nina Simone, BB King, Sly and the Family Stone, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Stevie Wonder and others on stage. Directed by renowned artist Questlove, the documentary “Summer of Soul” surprising by the fact that the entire event was filmed, and how little was known about it. An essential to not only enjoy first class music, but also to understand the impact that black culture was having on the North American community at the time. Available in Disney Plus.