August 3, 2021

here is the “Complete Collection” of the Master’s work

One year after the death of Ennio Morricone, comes out on newsstands Complete Collection. It is a collection that in 15 volumes collects the best of the production of Maestro. The first release, Music for Cinema – volume 1, is available from July 2, 2021.

The initiative aims to celebrate the enormous artistic legacy of one of the most important and prolific composers in history. The collection allows you to rediscover the music and artistic career of Morricone. In Complete Collection the different souls of the Maestro, that of composer but also that of orchestra arranger: there are the music for the cinema (the themes New Cinema Paradiso e the good, the bad and the ugly, just to name two) and for television; pieces of contemporary, avant-garde, experimental music; orchestral arrangements; up to the original pieces written for great performers.

Complete Collection is a selection of themes that originates from the box set published in 2008, Ennio Morricone The complete Edition, edited and chosen by the artist himself and indicated by him as a reference for all his work. The collection is enriched with other pieces, including those composed after 2008 (for example, Hateful Eight e Baarìa); and is embellished with unpublished content. In the booklets that accompany each CD, homage is paid to the greatness of the Maestro Morricone retracing – through texts and images – the stages of his life and his music. Then there are interviews, analyzes and insights.

Ennio Morricone’s career in 15 volumes: here is the plan of the work

The first release of Complete Collection (published in digipack format and available on newsstands on a weekly basis), Music for Cinema – volume 1, contains 17 themes for films composed between 1964 and the 1965. Between these, For a bunch of dollars, Song (from the movie The basilisks), The success (from the film of the same name), And the woman created the man (from the movie And the woman created the man), Rejoice to God (from the movie El greco), St. Francis speaks to the birds (from the movie Birds and birds), For a Few Dollars More e The showdown (from the movie For a Few Dollars More).


Here is the entire plan of the work Complete Collection:

2nd of July – Music for cinema – volume 1

July 9 – Music for cinema – volume 2

July 16 – Music for cinema – volume 3

23 July – Music for cinema – volume 4

July 30 – Music for cinema – volume 5

August 6 – Music for cinema – volume 6

August 13 – Music for cinema – volume 7

August 20 – Music for cinema – volume 8

August 27 – Music for cinema – volume 9

September 3 – Music for television – volume 1

September 10 – Music for television – volume 2

September 17 – Contemporary classic music

September 24 – Original songs

1st October – Orchestral arrangements

October 8 – Hit songs arrangements