July 24, 2021

International Festival of Culture Saltillo 2021 Announced – La Prensa de Monclova

Within the framework of the 444th anniversary of the city, Mayor Manolo Jiménez Salinas announced the billboard of activities for the International Festival of Culture Saltillo 2021, which will have the participation of 1,351 artists in 41 events in 13 different venues.

With the support of Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, from July 18 to 25, Saltillo residents will be able to enjoy great activities, among which the State Matlachinada with the Guinness record, the Record of the Century with great local and national artists, as well as Lolita stand out. Cortez with The Best Songs from Music Magazines.

“We come from a difficult year, but Saltillo has a lot to celebrate and it is precisely to celebrate that in the face of any adversity for 444 years we have come forward as a great team between society and government. Despite the Covid-19, today Saltillo is standing up and leaning forward, there is an economic and educational reactivation, health is being taken care of and we also have a cultural reactivation, ”said Mayor Manolo Jiménez.

He thanked the support of Governor Miguel Riquelme for the support and teamwork carried out in matters of culture with the secretary Ana Sofía García Camil.

Manolo Jiménez invited all Saltillo residents to enjoy the Festival, as well as people from other municipalities of Coahuila and neighboring states of the country.

“Because we also have very interesting places to visit such as the Mirador, the Cathedral, museums and the Vinos y Dinos route, which is one of the four most important wine routes in Mexico and which recently won an international award,” he said.

Ana Sofía García Camil, Secretary of Culture of the Government of the State of Coahuila, congratulated the Municipality of Saltillo for holding the Festival.

“Thanks to the good work that has been done by the State Government, the Municipality and the Subcommittee itself, all sectors have been allowed to reactivate in Saltillo and of course culture could not be the exception,” he said.

Blas Flores González, director of Economic Development and Tourism, announced the events to be held within the International Festival of Culture Saltillo 2021.

He pointed out that in the face of great challenges, they have learned to be resilient and, above all, creative and innovative in how to celebrate Saltillo safely and taking care of health.

He reported that this year, given the current situation of the pandemic in the city and the state, more events will be held in person, with reduced capacity and complying with all the sanitary measures established in each venue where they will take place.

Among the activities, the State Matlachinada stands out, which is carried out in coordination with the State Government and which in this edition will break the Guinness record with the largest Matlachinada in the world in Plaza Coahuila on July 18.

For Monday 19, the placement of commemorative plaques in cultural venues such as the incorporation to the cultural heritage of Saltillo in the Municipal Archive, Casa Purcell Cultural Center, García Carrillo Theater Cultural Center and the Alameda is contemplated.

On Tuesday July 20 will be the photographic inauguration of Saltillo for the World of the Century Record at the Casa Purcell Cultural Center and the tribute concert to Coldplay at the City Theater with the Desert Philharmonic Orchestra.

On July 21 the Solemn Session of the Cabildo for the 50th anniversary of the Saraperos and the presentation of the editorial collection Emblematic Buildings of Saltillo will be held at the Vito Alessio Robles Cultural Center.

A Bell Concert is scheduled for Thursday, July 22, within the Santo Cristo Fest and the singer Lolita Cortez will present The Best Songs of the Musical Magazines.

On Friday 23 will be the presentation of the Desierto Sound Disc, a tribute from Coahuila to concert guitar with Ramón Saade and Natanael Espinosa and as soloist Martin Madrigal.

On Saturday 24, the children’s book El Mosquito y el Globo and the concert with Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán will be presented at the Fernando Soler City Theater.

During July 25, the anniversary of the city, the day will begin with the traditional mañanitas to Saltillo from El Mirador, then there will be a shoot with a cause and the Solemn Session of the Cabildo will be held where the Presea Saltillo 2021 will be delivered. .

Subsequently, the Concert of the Century will be held, from Saltillo to Mexico, in homage to Armando Manzanero with the participation of artists such as Tania Libertad, Eugenia León, Guadalupe Pineda, Regina Orozco, Carlos Cuevas, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, Rodrigo de la Cadena, Trío Los Panchos, From Saltillo la Rondalla and La Sonora Santanera, as well as local artists from Saltillo.

And to close the International Festival of Culture Saltillo 2021 there will be a fireworks show from El Mirador.

Blas Flores González mentioned that the events will be broadcast on social networks in addition to being televised on local channels so that all people have access.

During the presentation of the Festival, Dulce María Fuentes Mancillas, undersecretary of the City Council; Councilor Jorge Alberto Leyva García, president of the Commission for Culture and Rescue of Human Values; and Medardo Treviño, theater coordinator of the Municipal Institute of Culture.