July 31, 2021

La Voz Argentina returns to TV to fight in the rating fight

“I had a great time with him,” Marley said about lockdown time in pandemic and while planning a new travel program, something that, he says, will have to reorder once Mirko begins compulsory schooling.

“I’m very happy. I was really looking forward to it coming back. He was nominated for an Emmy in 2018 and he is proud that they have chosen the Argentine edition of the reality show for the awards. I think that its success had a lot to do with the fact that it was a daily broadcast, something that is not common, along with the emotionality that Argentines give it. That sentimental part, which we don’t see in other countries, is unique. Here we see boys who come from a small town and who play all their emotions for their dream, ”he commented.

Very soon, La Voz Argentina 2021!

  —About this Argentine emotionality that you mention, how do non-Argentine coaches take it?

—They take it well because the heartbeats are also to get excited. In the United States edition, everything is faster, it is as if they wanted to get rid of it (laughs). Here we live it differently. Those who participate are living a dream. And the coaches, well, Ricardo (Montaner) is Argentine, although he has lived a large part of his life in Venezuela; and the Mau and Ricky, although they are Venezuelans, I think they even have an Argentine passport.

  —This difference with the Anglo-Saxon version is given because the economic future can also be played?

—There are boys who come from a lower class, but they are not all the cases. It does not have so much to do with the conditions, but with being able to arrive and fulfill your dream. As much as they have money, accessing what one dreams of in life is very difficult. The places occupied by the great actors and singers are few, and access is very difficult. I am telling you from experience, because I am middle class. And when it was granted to be able to accede, I remember the emotion. It had nothing to do with my financial situation, but with being able to achieve it. There are few places to get there. Having the opportunity is already an achievement.

  – To what do you attribute that reality shows are so successful?

—What do those things have of being able to fulfill a dream? The fact of seeing real life and not fiction draws attention. The reality shows of watching anyone’s family, like “The Osbournes” or “The Kardashians,” that daily following has an appeal. There is something nice about being able to observe a family and know that it is not fiction. It excites you differently, because a fiction also excites you, but when it ends, you know that that is not part of reality.


  —How much does the driver have to do and how much does the program have to be successful?

“It’s a combination of both.” In my case, I am involved in production. For example, now I have meetings to see when we are going to be with “Around the world”. I am already thinking about the next program. Of course it has to do with the production team, which provides the content and ideas. There are times when you can be a good driver and reach out to people, but if you don’t have a team to support you, it’s impossible.

—You have a brand with travel programs. How are you going to adapt it to your life as a parent when your child has to start going to school?

“We’re going to have to adapt.” Today he is in room 3 and is in a school that sends him many things through a platform. Today I can go two months, but later in school I will have to adapt to their times. Or we do the show in the summer (laughs). We are going to find a way for him. I don’t want to cut him off from going to school, socializing, making friends and having classmates. That marks you as an adult.

—With regard to social matters, how did you experience the confinement last year?

“We had our routine of stories and exercises.” I went from getting into the learning platform a lot and through the game I learned a lot and we took advantage of it to learn English and German. We had a game that, seen from a distance, is very ridiculous, because instead of going out for a walk we would get in the car for fear of contagion. How are you going to get infected by walking around the neighborhood? (laughs) Well, in that game, I would sit him in the car and we would take a very slow lap looking at the cars and the colors. Mirko spoke to me in English and we did that exercise at the same time, until we got tired and got together with the kids in the neighborhood, because one day I passed by the Planetarium and I saw his joy when he saw another child and I said: “No it could be that this is happening ”. As much as you try to be with him, it is important that you connect with boys his age.

A successful format and a spin off

Nominated for the Emmy Awards as one of the best international entertainment programs in 2019, “La Voz Argentina” returns to the Telefe Rosario screen after three years of absence and the participation, as coaches, of Ricardo Montaner, Mau and Ricky (who are Montaner’s children), Lali Espósito and Soledad Pastorutti, in addition to having “El Regreso”, the digital spin-off led by Stefi Roitman with the fifth coach: Emilia Mernes.

The new season of this show, which will have an impressive production display, had a casting of more than 15,000 applicants with the same dream: to be “La Voz Argentina”.

“La Voz Argentina” returns to Telefe preceded by notable audience records of the format around the world, and made up of coaches such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, Maluma, Cristina Aguilera, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Buble, Luis Fonsi, and Tom Jones among other artists who gave prestige to this program.