August 1, 2021

new album will have the special participation of Johnny Marr – Rock & Pop

Debbie Harry vocalist and leader of Blondie anticipated that his next album, that apart from having 12 or 10 songs that they are preparing, will feature a luxury collaboration, Johnny Marr, former guitarist of The Smiths.

The next release of the New York band will be the twelfth studio album and comes after the one released in 2017 titled “Pollinator”.

In this way, Johnny Marr, ex guitarist for The Smiths will collaborate with Blondie; It should be remembered that in “Pollinator” the acclaimed guitarist said present in the song “My Monster”.

Also in the album of 2017 the band led by Debbie Harry, also had the collaboration of Nick Valensi guitarist of The Strokes and Australian artist Sia.

What to expect from Blondie’s new album?

Little and nothing has been known about the new album of the American band, within their latest announcements the participation of Johnny Marr on the new studio album and the release on July 16 of the documentary “Blondie: Living in Havana”.

Blondie: Living in Havana / Photo: Official Facebook Blondie

Debbie Harry the lead singer and bandleader recently commented to NME that “We’re already looking at 10-12 songs, but it seems like it’s too early to talk about it. “

He also assured that they are already beginning the process of recording and rehearsing some of the tracks on this new album.

Another piece of information that emerges from this new album is that John Congleton will be the producer, the same behind artists like Franz Ferdinand, Bono, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), among other world-class artists.

Finally another of Blondie’s recent announcements, would the tour they will do together with Garbage, which will begin in the English city of Liverpool on November 6.

El tour “Against the Odds” will spread throughout the UK in cities such as London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, among others, until closing on November 21 in Leeds.