August 1, 2021

The City Council recognizes the efforts of the toilets during the pandemic by inviting them to the Pink Night of Marenostrum Fuengirola

The City Council appreciates the efforts of the toilets by inviting them to the Pink Night

The organization and promoters of this show will provide two tickets to each professional who wishes to attend the performances of Mikel Erentxun and M-Clan, on July 10

SAS workers will receive a communication with a link by which they can reserve two seats for the appointment and on Saturday they will have to show their work ID at the door of the enclosure to be able to access at no cost

(Press Ayto Fuengirola) The City Council invites the restrooms to experience the Pink Night, at the Marenostrum Fuengirola venue next Saturday, July 10. It is a “gesture of gratitude”, as recognized by the mayor of the city, Ana Mula, for the work that this professional group is wasting on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fuengirola is a city of solidarity and grateful to all those who do something to improve our society every day. During the pandemic, many professional sectors have done their best and compromised their integrity for all of us. And this is something that Fuengiroleños do not forget. Among these labor groups are health workers, who are literally giving up to take care of all of us in the worst global health crisis in recent years. For all this, we want to have a gesture of gratitude by inviting all the workers of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) to the mythical Pink Night Fuengiroleña ”, said the councilor, who was today with the territorial delegate of Health of the Board of Andalusia in Malaga, Carlos Bautista, as well as the promoters of this show visiting the facilities where it will take place on Saturday.

In this way, the workers of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) will receive, these days, a communication offering them to attend this musical event. In this notification they will have an exclusive link to the Marenostrum Fuengirola website because they will be able to reserve two seats for the event, in which Mikel Erentxun and M-Clan will perform.

On the day of the concert, they will only have to prove their identity and their relationship with the SAS at the door of the venue so that both the health worker and their companion can access the interior of the venue at no cost to enjoy the show.

In this regard, Mula thanked the collaboration of the promoters of the Pink Night, Padel Arcos, as well as the ticket management services, Impronta Soluciones, for making this initiative possible, for which doctors, nurses, assistants or orderlies of the Andalusian public health will be able to enjoy the music of two national references of this art.

“It will be an event to thank the health workers for their work, but also to remind all of us that the pandemic is not over and that they continue to work hard to combat it. Let’s enjoy the summer and Marenostrum, but without lowering our guard and strictly complying with all security measures ”, said Ana Mula.

For his part, the Health delegate thanked “the mayor and the people of Fuengirola for this little great detail that they have with the toilets.” In this sense, Bautista has stressed that, however, “the greatest tribute that citizens can pay us to health professionals is, first of all, respect, because we are here to help, but we have been attacking for a few days. our colleagues, who are always unjustifiable. And secondly, another great tribute they can do to us is that, please, take good care of yourself, put on your masks and avoid crowds; enjoy a quiet summer and be patient, because we have very little left to put an end to this. “

Marenostrum Fuengirola 2021

It is one of the most spectacular open-air music venues. One of the most exclusive settings in Spain due to its proximity to the sea, the monumental view of Sohail Castle and a strict protocol to avoid COVID-19 infections. In its 2021 edition, more than 70 shows have been planned with some of the most recognized national and international figures on the music scene.

It was born in 2016, as a commitment by the Fuengirola City Council for live music and to reinforce the international promotion of the destination through this universal artistic manifestation. Thus, he has managed to bring some of the most highly regarded stars on the international scene to his stage. It was the only stop in the European Union of the tour of Jennifer López, of figures like Ricky Martin, Bob Dylan, Sting, Alejandro Fernández, Santana or Rod Stewart.