August 1, 2021

The new from Pull & Bear recovers the spirit of Bob Marley in every garment

Bob Marley was a musician who changed the world, Pull & Bear recovers this spirit in search of peace and love hand in hand with garments with a lot of personality. A few years after the 40th anniversary of the death of the king of reggae, he is more alive than ever with his lyrics and lifestyle. Marley is a staunch defender of freedom, love, and peace, at a troubled moment in history. His way of seeing the world through his lyrics has marked several generations.

Bob Marley arrives at Pull & Bear with these garments

On May 11, 1981 Bob Marley’s light goes out forever, left us a musician who was destined to become a myth. 40 years later, his style continues to be heard and followed all over the world. Pull & Bear pays tribute to him in these garments that we cannot miss, they are small pieces of history, the face of an icon and the way of thinking of a generation that sought love above any other concept.

The Bob Marley shirt that you can wear as a jacket in summer. This shirt will be one of those that are destined to succeed. With a knitted dress underneath, buttoned or tied at the waist, it gives off a lot of personality and ‘good vibes’. In colors, white or a beautiful pink, we can remember Bob Marley thanks to Pull & Bear for just over 25 euros. It is a garment that will be mythical, it is impossible to stay without it.

The new from Pull & Bear recovers the spirit of Bob Marley in every garment

The basic t-shirt to travel the world with love as a flag. Bob Marley said: “They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her smile. The problem is that every time he smiles, I fall in love. ” This t-shirt in which his face appears somehow invites us to think about the importance of a smile, happiness and that lifestyle that the musician spread with his lyrics and rhythm. It’s 15 euros, well invested.

A tank top to be the queen of the gym. The famous Lion of Judah or conquering lion that appears as a symbol of the Ras-tafari. Behind this element there is a whole history with ties between Ethiopia and Jamaica, the cradle of a movement that is still alive today. For 12.99 euros we can boast the perfect tank top for the gym or for a day at the beach paying tribute to Bob Marley.