August 2, 2021

The teeth of the nails on the album “Srdce ven” continue to be full of wit and personality

The (almost) women’s group Zuby nehty belongs among domestic perennials. This year, the sixth line of this multi-genre band will be released after almost seven years. The “Srdce ven” collection offers thirteen new songs, for the first time without the founding member of drummer Hana Řepová, who was replaced by Jana Kaplanová.


Teeth Nails – Heart Out

Released: 23.4.2021
Total time: 38:17

Tracks: Peacock, El Capitan, Silhouette, Bird, Bird, Moth, Broth, Mistletoe, Mistletoe VII, Drop, Urubamba, Taking, San Francisco

Publisher: Indies Scope Records

It’s unbelievable, but Teeth nails (originally called Gas and Dybbuk) have been with us for four decades. And even though ladies and gentlemen have gradually abandoned the punk beginnings, they still build their work on energy and distinctive sound. The current novelty “Heart Out” offers a mix of rock with jumping elements. It’s as if Destruction collided with a hundred animals. One of the members of the first named Oldřich Neumann alias Golda is also responsible for the cover of the recording, including drawings for individual songs in the booklet, which is very successful, by the way. Teeth nails again entertain not only the musical component, but also the textual one. Great is the ode to mountain trekking “El Capitan” and the smiling bizarre song about the spoiled soup “Broth”. In one case, they used the text of the poet Jan Skácel in the ballad “Braní”, with which they handled perfectly, including the mournful arrangements of saxophone Jana Kaplanová. Traditional series o Gentlemen, this time called “Mrs. VII”, was surprisingly taken care of by the only male member Jan Maxa (ex-Vltava), who has been in the band for seven years. It is a brisk, absurdly smiling piece that fits perfectly into the group’s repertoire with its feeling. Teeth and nails recorded another good record. The album “Srdce ven” is full of wit, energy and distinctive nature. No experiments, more nostalgic looking, but working.