July 29, 2021

The World’s Biggest Business Risks

The World’s Biggest Business Risks

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Andi and Fenalco, victims of hackers

La Andi and Fenalco were victims of hackers. In the middle of the long-awaited press conference on the balance of the automotive sector to June, the union spokesmen were surprised by hackers who did not let them speak and began to play music, so much so that they had to leave the meeting and make another link in Zoom. (GF)

Employment platforms grow

In the face of youth unemployment, social networks and new platforms to connect young people with employers have become increasingly popular. For example, Jobtips, an Instagram account, exceeded 1,000 people hired for offers published there, while Worki, a platform that was born six months ago, already registers 100 hired with its intermediation. (LV)

Follow the boom of resignations

On Friday, in addition to knowing the US unemployment figure, it was learned that the boom in resignations continues. Of 942,000 unemployed, 164,000 indicated that they left their job voluntarily, one of the highest points in the crisis. Another piece of information that shows how the market is doing is that wages grew in June, which would indicate that employers are raising wages to attract and retain staff. (LM)

Coinbase will launch an app store

After a rapprochement with Apple, and apparently inspired by its App Store, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (1983) is thinking of launching a crypto-asset application store in which third-party apps will be offered. Although details of when this project will take place are not yet known, its objective is to provide users with access to the crypto-asset market and its trends. (HM)

There is still more work to be done

The projections that they have within the Government is that with a growth of 6% this year and 4.3% next year, 1.1 million jobs will be generated, however, this would not be enough to return to prendemic levels Since there would be 600,000 jobs missing for the employed population to be the same as it was in 2019. The Employment Mission will give some strategies to achieve this. (CR)

Designs by Alexandra Bueno, in the US

Colombian fashion designer Alexandra Bueno will collaborate with the American brand Anthropologie. The line will be in the company’s stores in the North American country during the summer season. Bueno founded his brand in 2014 and participated in the Vogue Showroom in Paris during that city’s Fashion Week. (TA)

Presley will have his channel in 2022

The still-deceased music legend continues to bill and will have a streaming channel dedicated exclusively to his catalog of archive content and specials, plus music from some of the most influential rock ‘n roll artists. Cinedigm, an independent streaming company, announced the partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises and revealed that ‘The Elvis Presley Channel’ will launch in early 2022. (AS)