August 6, 2021

Ed Sheeran already has a return to music date

Ed Sheeran just celebrated his 30th birthday and he did so by giving his followers a big surprise. In December 2019, the British artist announced that he was leaving the stage temporarily just at the end of his world tour. Divide, with which he had been performing for two years in various countries. Now, the time of lack has passed, Sheeran has revealed that he already has a date of return to music with a new job.

And since he left the stage a year and a half ago, Ed Sheeran has had a lot of time to dedicate to his private life and start a family. Not only did he marry his high school sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn, but they’ve welcomed their first daughter, little Antarctica.

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In addition, Ed Sheeran has lived completely apart from the media. He went to live in the country, specifically in a small and quiet village located in Suffolk, England, where he has led a more than calm existence. He has dedicated his efforts to cultivating his own garden, having his own forest and even raising his own animals.

But with the arrival of the global pandemic, Ed Sheeran decided to break his promise to be two years away from the media and music spotlight to release a very special song for Christmas, Afterglow, which was undoubtedly a real gift for all his followers.

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Well, with the celebration of his 30th birthday, the singer has published a photo on Instagram (although he is not very active in networks) with which he wanted to give the best news: his return to studies. And, from what he has written, there is a new album on the way.

In the image there is a birthday cake on a tablecloth in the shape of a pirate flag and a photograph of Ed as a child in which he is disguised as a corsair. ” Today I am 30. Thank you for all your wonderful messages, I feel very loved. I’m currently dressed the same as my third birthday photo when I was about to eat Colin the caterpillar pirate, poor guy. I will be back with the fourth issue of the series later this year. Until then. ”

What Ed Sheeran refers to is the release of the album that will complete the collection of those that he has already released so far and that were titled + (more), x (by) and ÷ (divided). The logical order suggests that the one to come will be (less) although he has not specified what he is going to call it. However, that is the least since what his fans are celebrating is that, in a few months, there will be new songs by Ed Sheeran.