July 26, 2021

Luis Miguel, undergoing emergency surgery after brutal fall

Luis Miguel had to be admitted urgently to the Santa Monica hospital, in Los Angeles, on Sunday, July 4, where he they immediately operated on the shoulder, after a shocking fall on that part of the body.

According to several international media that follow the news of Luis Miguel, the pain was such that the 51-year-old singer could not avoid crying and screaming in pain. “In that hotel, where many celebrities and especially presidents go, Luis Miguel is staying there and there he is recovering,” they revealed on the Univision television network.

It is well known how jealous the “Sol de México” is with the details of his private life. So much so that when he learned that his hospital admission had transcended to the press, he requested voluntary discharge to return to the hotel where he is staying and finish recovering in privacy with his closest circle.

Luis Miguel scared his fans, with an operation on the shoulder after a strong blow.

“This happened on Sunday. We do not know the exact details of how he injured his shoulder, but he did have to go to the hospital and there he is in a suite that obviously no one can enter, even he himself went to a pharmacy in the one who collected all the medications that were sent to her at the hospital and went there to recover, “they added from the television space.

His series

The last thing known about Luis Miguel was the success of his series, which culminated in its second season on Netflix. In which the actor and singer Diego Boneta played the singer.

In it, we were seeing a more mature Sol de México, in a stage full of chiaroscuro in his musical career and personal life. And the final three chapters of this 2021 followed that line.

Luis Miguel tried to protect his privacy in the clinic where he was admitted.

Luis Miguel tried to protect his privacy in the clinic where he was admitted.

One of the most emotional of the entire season was that Hugo López, the singer’s Argentine manager, dies after a tough fight against cancer. On the other hand, the great duo of Luis Miguel with Frank Sinatra was portrayed.

In his more adult stage, it was seen how the singer continued to strengthen his relationship with his daughter, Michelle.

Audit and disease

Another of the final chapters showed the audit in which the person that the singer hired to buy a vineyard is located.

Diego Boneta, in the Luis Miguel series.

Diego Boneta, in the Luis Miguel series.

In this accounting report, the cause of the accident that caused the Sol de México to suffer from tinnitus (buzzing caused by exposure to loud sounds) was discovered, an incurable disease that it suffers to this day.

And he began to prepare the ground for the end of the second season, where key and transcendental aspects will begin to be seen in the life of the protagonist, in which he no longer has time for tears: he already has to think of a new album that will be the successor of Aries.

Finally, it was seen how Luis Miguel discovered that a large part of the people around him were not sincere with him and even caused him physical damage.

And unknown aspects of what the singer’s health was will also be shown. He himself revealed in 2018 that he suffered from tinnitus, but now it was seen how that ailment affected his career. The intrigue will continue to be present with the extortions, robberies and deceptions to which Luis Miguel was exposed during his life.