August 1, 2021

Premiere: Ventolin invites you on a date in nature in the clip “Moss”

Exactly four years will pass since the release of the second series “Welcome” in September, and we will finally see its successor at the beginning of autumn. The new collection from the Ventolina workshop will bear the title “Today is timed”. The author revealed that his children became the first non-negotiable critics of the fresh material. The first taste of it is the summer, catchy song “Mech”. The accompanying video was directed by Johana Novotná, who was also at the birth of the explosive bag “Disco Science”. In this case, however, the film is much more straightforward, but at the same time the story leaves enough space for the listener’s imagination. It was filmed in the basin of the river Jizera, where David Doubek (as the musician’s civil name sounds) went on a date with his wife Klára (she also sings in “Mech”) and his dog Majda. The central motif revolves around our loved ones packs animals and people.

“‘Moss’ is my attempt at a merry song in unhappy times. It is based on the experiences I had with my wife and children during the lockdown in nature, and despite all the darkness, it always gave me the desire to live. And ‘Moss’ is about the fact that outside in the woods it’s nice together. They sing about it in every tramp song and that’s it. “ adds David himself. In addition to the aforementioned Klára Doubková, Tomáš Kelar and Prokop Holoubek will appear as guests on the upcoming recording, while the latter also covered it in production. The drums were recorded in the Sono center and Jiří Topol Novotný sat behind them, while the seasoned Ondřej Ježek was watching the mastering in the jáMOR studio. The album “Today is timed out” will be released on the first school day (ie untraditionally on Wednesday, September 1) under the banner of Bumbum Satori and will bring nine songs. It is said that we will see love songs, cheerful and more oppressive sci-fi scenes, and there will also be a traditional play by the main actor with situational absurdity. Musically, it will be more varied than “Welcome”, but also more intimate. “The cloud on which I stood suddenly melted. The change of perspective brought me back to the family and to the nature from which we grow and to which we belong, which gives and also takes. concludes Ventolin.