August 6, 2021

Travel to the ‘New Earth’ of Los Rolling Ruanas

It’s been more than five years since Los Rolling Ruanas blew up the internet with their peculiar carrangueros covers of The Beatles, Kiss and The Rolling Stones on YouTube. Since their first EP, Source (2015), the Bogota group – made up of Juan Diego Moreno (voice and guacharaca), Fer Cely (requinto and choirs), Luis Guillermo González (guitar and choirs) and Jorge Mario Vinasco (tiple and choirs) – has consolidated its own sound in which the traditional peasant music of the Colombian Andes is combined with other Latin American airs, rock and even hip hop. On their way they have already planted two full-length albums, The Ballad of the Carranguero (2017) and Hot blood (2018), with which they established themselves as one of the most powerful proposals of the new Colombian sounds, and that takes a new flight with their most recent album: New Earth (2021).

One of its objectives: to position itself, from its music, in the face of the turbulent times that the country has lived, navigating between the social outbreak that began in the 2019 National Strike, its work alongside the United Nations in different territories and the health emergency due to COVID-19. New Earth portrays the complex social, human, environmental and cultural turbulence of the country to make visible, in his words, “between texts and sounds, the realities that characterize Colombia and that need to be observed through precise sound photographs, to leave a mark on the historical memory of the country and motivate transformation and decision-making ”. The songs also highlight the introspection of human processes that speak of ruptures and heartbreak, with a spirit of transformation and movement that invites us to start with self-love, beyond a simple story or mere spite.

New Earth It was recorded, produced and mixed by Fernando Cely, the band’s requintista in his studio, and mastered by Julián Guerrero, and is one more step in the sound and compositional evolution of Los Rolling Ruanas. The composition study process carried out by Juan Diego Moreno, singer of the group, was guided by his teacher and friend Edson Velandia, one of the great artistic influences for the band on this new album. The illustration of the cover was made by Ataul and the launch was on June 25, with face-to-face concerts at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo theaters in Bogotá and Pablo Tobón in Medellín. The vocal duo Las Áñez collaborates in “Por acá no escampa” and the singer from Nariño Lucio Feuillet accompanies “Ya no hay viaje”.

Listen below New Earth and also watch our documentary Mountain sounds, an intimate portrait of the band’s history.

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