August 1, 2021

Bezos makes the roll, by Joaquín Luna

The richest man in the world is a marvel and his name is Jeff Bezos, but sometimes he is too smart. He has had the nose to skim space, gravitate to his ship and let go after he has lived the happiest day of his life – the marital quarrel that awaits him! – and all thanks – he mentioned – to those who work and buy on Amazon , including the summer resort of Torrelodones.

Jeff Bezos after going into space

Tony Gutierrez / AP

Jeff’s gratitude –they are all rolled up-, sprawled out and wearing a hat. cowboy -As John Wayne comes down from heaven and hits you a couple of milk is going to be the happiest day of my life, it sounded ratty to me.

Jeff, ‘cowboy’, as John Wayne comes down from space and hits you two milks, I’m going to laugh …

What pride not to have used Amazon just once! That’s what I thought when I heard the entrepreneur, who seems like a poor man who enjoys spending: now I go to space for ten minutes and when I return I thank the employees – you are a bit grimy with them – and the consumers who instead of buying in person – I’ve already placed the cursilada! – They prefer to profit from me.

I have nothing against the rich, on the contrary. What will power of yours! Being able to squander as I would, they take care of their heritage, think of their children and grandchildren and when they indulge themselves, they don’t usually – unlike Bezos – thank anyone for what mockery is vulgar.

It is one thing for El Fandi, a popular bullfighter, to offer the public frequently and the well-known “it’s going for you!” and another is that billionaires dedicate their whims to us while laughter escapes them. Economic revolutions are like this: some win and others lose, but it is not a question of rubbing the injured people out how cool it turns out to be the richest – and coolest – man in the world.

To me, the truth, I liked the Rothschilds better or, already put, Jesús Gil and Gil, the only Spaniard pardoned twice (once with Franco and once in democracy) because with those you did not even know and with this you thought: virgencita, what I stay as I am …

As if style were the least of it, it is the last straw that Jeff and Richard – not related to Cliff Richard – have been bitten by being the first space tycoon when they could have shared the trip and stayed a few decades …