July 25, 2021

Big rockers – Heart

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are the creative spark behind the hard rock group Heart, which reached its peak in the mid-1970s.

Daughters of an American Navy Capital, Ann Dustin Wilson (June 19, 1950) and Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson (March 16, 1954) grew up in California, then Taiwan until settling in Seattle, Washington. During their childhood, both girls were enormously interested in folk and pop music, and they shared a particular taste for the Liverpool quartet, The Beatles, fantasizing that one day they would be as great as them, and in their attempt to imitate them they learned to play guitar. and flute, as well as mastering your vocal range.

In 1970, well into their younger years while studying at university, they decided to try their luck as professional musicians in separate directions: Nancy as a folk performer and Ann joining a boy group called White Heart.

The presence of the band Ann, which later chose to call itself only Heart, was especially noted in Canada, forming a reputation for aggressive rockers balancing their music with blues and folk overtones. After being convinced by her sister, Nancy officially joined the group in 1974, bringing his virtuous ability to play acoustic guitar, giving rise to a contradictory mix of quirky guitars, electric solo, but that did not leave out the acoustic and honeyed part, capturing the best of both styles.

Heart released her debut album Dreamboat Annie in 1976, from which the hit singles “Magic Man”, “Dreamboat Annie” and “Crazy on You” were released. Following the unexpected commercial success of their first release, “Little Queen” came out featuring the now classic “Barracuda.”

Added to his discography Dog and Butterfly (1978), Baby the Strange (1980), Private Audition (1982) and Passionworks (1983). During this time the alienation began to change lineup frequently, but sisters Ann and Nancy always remained as lead vocalist and lead guitarist, respectively.

Big Rockeras – Heart

For the year 1985, the direction of the band took a more pop direction, proof of this was the self-titled album “Heart”, which to the surprise of many was a commercial success. Together with the subsequent albums “Bad Animal” (1987) and “Brigade” (1990), these productions form the trio of albums that marked the peak of the worldwide popularity of the Wilson sisters.

After the release of several albums that did not reach the expected acclaim, the Wilson girls temporarily disbanded Heart, giving rise to a new band which they called The Lovemongers, under this name they made a brief tour and released a single album. As sooner or later everything resurfaces, Heart was no exception, since in 2004 Ann y Nancy they reformed the group with the release of “Jupiters Darling” and more recently “Red Velvet Car” (2010) and “Fanatic” (2012).


Heart It has an important place in music history as the first all-female hard rock band to achieve wide commercial popularity, thanks to its evident musical variety. Rudas and without losing their femininity, they have cultivated an enduring career for more than three decades, without losing the focus that brought them together in the first place: creating and sharing music.

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