July 25, 2021

Pope Francis in his own words, ‘Man vs. History’, ‘Flash’ and ‘To have and not to have’ Finals ⋆. – EzAnime.net

PBS profiles Pope Francisco in a new season of the biographical In his own words. Historical legends get a myth-busting treatment in History’s Man vs. History. Two generations of heroes unite for the season finale of The Flash, while OWN’s The Haves and the Have Nots says goodbye for good after eight seasons.

In his own words

A new mini-season of the biographical series is launched that allows its subjects to talk most of the time. For the first time: Pope Francisco, also known as former Argentine cardinal Jorge bergoglio, who became the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 2013 and almost immediately made history with his pronouncements on LGBTQ rights (“Who am I to judge?”) and other progressive issues. With archive footage and exclusive interviews with Vatican experts and officials, the special traces his journey from Buenos Aires to the Vatican and the world stage. (Future rock ‘n’ roller profile odds Chuck Berry and Princess Diana.)


Man vs. history

What becomes more of a legend? Try to break the myths, courtesy of the host Bil Lepp, a professional storyteller and local historian who presents a series that seeks the truth behind the tales of icons of the past. It starts with a notorious outlaw Billy the kid, questioning experts on the details of Billy’s jailbreak, and then trying on a replicated pair of his blacksmith-supplied shackles. The premiere also finds time to take on some other larger-than-life Western figures, enlisting the Olympian biathlete. Lanny Barnes Try Annie Oakey’s marksmanship antics.


The flash

There’s no slowing down in the hit superhero series’ seventh season finale, when Barry / The Flash (Grant Gustin) turns to his swift allies, including his wife Iris (Candice Patton) and their children from the future: Bart (Jordan Fisher). ) and Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy): to fight the villain Godspeed (Karan Oberoi). Way to keep it all in the family, Barry.

El Flash - The CW
Those who have and those who have not, issued, OWN


Those who have and those who have not

After eight seasons and 196 episodes, Tyler Perry’s juicy soap opera, set in Savannah, ends its story. In the series finale, ominously titled “Dark Intentions,” Veronica (Angela Robinson) “does whatever it takes to get what she wants.” Once the dust settles, the cast returns next Tuesday for a special retrospective.

Those who have and those who have not - OWN


Miracle workers

Not even the majestic bald eagle is immune from comic abuse in this scathing Western parody, which presents itinerant settlers with a dilemma as they face their first challenge of fording a river. Lest they all sink, who should be left behind? The selfless Reverend Ezekiel Brown (Daniel Radcliffe) is again willing to take one for the team, puzzling Benny the Teen (Steve Buscemi) to no end. Pretty Little Liars guests Shay Mitchell as part of a pair of social influencers ahead of their time who somehow seem to have invented the hashtag.

Miracle Workers - TBS

Inside Tuesday TV:

Space Launch LIVE: Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos go to space (8 a.m. / ET, Discovery and Science Channels): Among other media outlets covering the Amazon mogul’s first flight into space, Discovery and Science teams up with Bezos-owned The Washington Post for a live show. At 10 / 9c, Discovery airs the news special Jeff Bezos in space: Blue Origin takes flight, with interviews and analysis. The Oval (9 / 8c, BET): Any Tyler Perry fan who worries about going into abstinence at the end of The Have and Have Nots can take comfort that his White House melodrama has returned from a two-month hiatus. And just in time, because President Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) and First Lady Victoria (Kron Moore) are caught in a power struggle with a terrorist. Deadliest Catch: Bloodline (9 / 8c, Discovery): Josh Harris still follows his late father Capitán Phil’s fishing charters for a successful Hawaii warm-water fishing business. Josh and business partner Casey McManus They await a payday, amid lower prices and other consequences of COVID-19, with a new clue left by Phil. Frontline (10 / 9c, PBS, check local listings at pbs.org): Investigative News Powerhouse Explores Aftermath of US Armed Forces Departing from Afghanistan in Producer Report Najbullah Quraishi (Taliban country). Amid fears of a civil war and the resurgence of the Taliban, the country must also grapple with the emerging threat of growing influence from Iran. In a second segment, India’s Rape Scandal, journalist Ramita Navai investigates an increase in rape cases and alleged cover-ups in India.
My house is full of mirrors (broadcast on MHz Choice): Legendary Sophia Loren takes on the role of her life, playing her own mother, Romilda—In a two-part limited series based on a book by his sister, Mary Scicolone.