Lakers, first the crazy comeback then … New defeat in New York

Without the suspended LeBron James, the yellow and purple recover 25 points to the Knicks before surrendering to the blows of Quickely. Westbrook’s triple double is not enough: 4th knockout for Vogel’s team in 5 races

It wasn’t enough. Reassemble 25 points, get out of the abyss, play at times like the team it should be, not this version unable to take off the work in progress sign. The Lakers lose again, this time in New York, beaten 106-100 by the Knicks masters of Madison Square Garden, with LeBron James not even admitted to the most famous arena in the world because he was disqualified in the first time in his career. The Lakers would need King James, because they lacked personality in the finale. They lost for the fourth time in the last 5 games, killed in the last quarter by the 12 points of the second year Immanuel Quickley, one who in the last few games is getting noticed. New York, which has only won 3 times in its last 7 games, is not much better than the current Lakers but has done what it takes to win. Unlike yellow-violet.

The state of the works

The Lakers (9-10) prefer to focus on the progress of the work than on defeat. Even if LeBron’s forced stop still delayed the necessary acclimatization work between the three stars. “Needless to talk about his disqualification: he wasn’t there, but in the next game with the Pacers he will be there” cuts short Russell Westbrook. The best among the yellow and purple was him: triple double of 31 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists, outburst of 18 points in the third period necessary to close the hole, the last to surrender in the final. “We need Russ to be aggressive, because he makes us play better,” says Anthony Davis. Basically we took him for this, to be himself “. AD was not supposed to play because of the flu, but he showed up at Madison Square Garden 45 minutes before the match began and took to the field. “I don’t know how much the flu weakened him, we certainly used it in a different way than usual. He still deserves the applause for playing, ”says coach Vogel of his star, who finished with 20 points and 6 rebounds but an unusual 5/11 from the line. A few mistakes too many for Carmelo Anthony, 12 points but 3/14 shooting at his former home, many good things from Avery Bradley, 15 points and 9 rebounds. The Lakers continue to show glimpses of what they can be, like defending in the first half and second half. But they keep making too many mistakes (37.4% shooting) and are still paying off. It is not yet time to hit the panic button, but some more substantial progress is needed that is not yet seen.

New York, New York

Even the Knicks (9-9) are still far from being a finished product. Against the Lakers they lived first on triples (7 on target in the first quarter alone), then on Quickley’s final blaze. The constants were Evan Fournier, 26 points with 6 triples on target, and Julius Randle, usual confidence with 20 points, 16 rebounds and 5 assists. Kemba Walker (6 points and 5 assists) once again did not play well enough to deserve minutes in the fourth period. Derrick Rose was missing (as well as Taj Gibson and Mitchell Robinson) and his absence was felt until Quickley turned on. New York is still trying to find the magic that allowed it to be the surprise in the East last season, the one that gave Tom Thibodeau the coach of the year award. The change of backcourt and the ups and downs of Walker and Fournier alone are not enough as an excuse: the works in New York are still in progress.

The match

New York dominates in the first 18 ‘and reaches 54-29 less than 5’ in the second quarter, but at that point a spark ignites in the Lakers: at rest the Knicks advantage is 63-51, at 1’25 “from third siren, thanks to the unleashed Westbrook (18 points in the period), parity reaches 79. The Lakers, however, do not go further: they remain tied, in a draw, but do not overtake. New York stretches again when Quickley comes on, who at 4’57 ”from the end is 105-93. The Lakers still raise the laps in defense and New York from there at the end scores only one point, but the comeback fails: when, after Randle’s free throw of 106-100 with 35 “to play, first Melo and then Monk make a mistake from 3, the yellow-violet give up.

New York: Fournier 26 (2/5 of two, 6/9 of three, 4/4 free throws), Randle 20, Quickley 14. Rebounds: Randle 16. Assists: Randle 5, Walker 5.

LA Lakers:Westbrook 31 (7/12, 3/6, 8/9 tl), Davis 20, Bradley 15. Rimbalzi: Westbrook 13. Assist: Westbrook 10.

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Lakers, first the crazy comeback then … New defeat in New York