Thompson now, Wiseman soon: because the Warriors will be even stronger

Golden State already boasts the best NBA record, with these two grafts it could become the title favorite. After a closed season without the playoffs

The Golden State Warriors boast the best NBA record. A surprise, considering that last season they didn’t even manage to qualify for the playoffs. Yet for the Californians the best news of the start of the season comes from the off-field: Klay Thompson is finally close to returning, after the double injury, first to the left knee and then to the right achilles tendon. Thompson hasn’t played an official match since the Finals since 2019. It’s been two and a half years. The news, however, is that he is very close now, as he has just participated in his first training session with the team since then. In short, the times of solitary re-education are finally behind us. When will he come back?


“I want to win the title. Of course we can. We are 15-2 records, without me. Think about it, best record and still missing me … I’m more motivated than ever, I want another ring more than anything else”. The 31-year-old Splash Brother is hot, in short. But how are you? “The boring part of recovery is now behind me. I have to remain patient because I don’t want to go back and be the shadow of what I was. I want to get back to the levels I had before the injury, when I was one of the best players in the world. “. The pride of the champion remained intact, during the long inactivity: “I wanted to be included in the list of the top 75 NBA players of all times. I did not return to it. Do you know how to gain recognition? By winning. I want to start doing it again.”


All beautiful phrases, yes, but a return date is always missing. And that is not even offered by Coach Kerr, but at least he explains why: “There is no set day for his return to the field (he will be at home, in San Francisco, however, this is already established, ed). There are a few weeks, the next, in which we will evaluate what to do. We will see him train and we will be able to evaluate when to officially rejoin him. The tendon is healthy, healed. But he hasn’t played for two and a half years, so condition and above all endurance must be evaluated. ”


Curry’s start to the season has been phenomenal, he would be the first MVP candidate to date. But that’s the constant now. The secret of the team successes for the Warriors must be shared between the explosion of Poole, the relaunch of Porter and even of Bjelica from the bench, the renewed enthusiasm of Green, the dedication of Wiggins who in order to play, aware of being on the ” right train “he decided to get vaccinated, he who had initially expressed doubts about it. Thompson’s return would be the icing on the cake. Even considering that as an ego he is certainly not a player who brings with him particular side effects, on the parquet and in the locker room. And then the Dubs have another illustrious injury, Wiseman, the second overall choice of the 2020 Draft. The center has injured the meniscus of his right knee, but his return should not be far. In short, under the Christmas tree the Dubs could find a double gift: Thompson and Wiseman recovered. Too much grace, for those who already win and convince …

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Thompson now, Wiseman soon: because the Warriors will be even stronger