New options to enjoy on the big screen

‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’ focuses on the iconic character GI Joe.

This week titles such as the action and martial arts film ‘Snake Eyes: The Origin’, the sequel to ‘Escape Room’, the thriller ‘A Question of Blood’, the black comedy ‘Horsemen of Justice’ and the drama ‘The doctor of Budapest’, among other proposals.

Directed by Robert Schwentke, ‘Snake Eyes: El origen‘presents the story of the enigmatic character from the GIJoe universe, played by actor Henry Golding. Popular around the world for her participation in the series ‘La casa de papel’, Úrsula Corberó is Baroness Anastasia DeCobray, one of the villains in the film. In this spin-off of the franchise that started with the action figures of the toy maker Hasbro, the Japanese clan of the Arashikage welcomes Snake Eyes and trains him as a ninja warrior but his honor and loyalty will be put to the test when his past is discovered.

‘Escape Room 2: You are dying to get out’ promises as much tension as the first installment.

Adam Robitel repeats in the direction of ‘Escape Room 2: You’re dying to get out‘, the 2019 hit psychological horror thriller that terrified viewers around the world and grossed more than $ 150 million. This installment features the survivors, played by Taylor Russell and Logan Miller, and new players. In this continuation, six people unexpectedly find themselves in a series of escape rooms, gradually revealing what they have in common to survive.

Matt Damon protagoniza ‘Question of blood‘, the new feature film by Oscar winner Tom McCarthy (‘ Spotlight ‘), which comes after its stint at the Cannes Film Festival. A shocking thriller in which a desperate father seeks to prove his daughter’s innocence. Thus, Bill Baker is a rude operator of an American oil platform who travels to Marseille to visit his daughter, in prison for a murder that he claims not to have committed. Abigail Breslin, one of the youngest actresses to be nominated for an Academy Award in Hollywood for ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ (2006) when she was 10 years old, shares the screen in the film with Damon and the French actress Camille Cottin ( ‘Allies’).

Of European production, two interesting titles are released: the adrenaline-pumping thriller loaded with black humor ‘Horsemen of justice‘and the drama’The doctor from Budapest‘. The first is written and directed by Anders Thomas Jensen and starring Mads Mikkelsen, popular for his role as Dr. Hannibal Lecter on the television series. The Danish actor is Markus, a military man who returns home with his teenage daughter after losing his wife in a tragic accident. Everything seems simply bad luck, until Otto, also a passenger on the crashed train and an expert in mathematics, appears with two eccentric colleagues, convinced that someone is behind the event. A modern fable about community, causality and what gives meaning to our lives.

Finally, ‘The doctor from Budapest‘is directed by István Szabó, responsible for’ Mephisto ‘, Oscar for the best foreign language film in 1982. It stars Klaus Maria Brandauer, Golden Globe for best supporting actor in 1986 for’ Out of Africa ‘. He plays a renowned cardiologist who leaves his job in the Hungarian capital to act as a family doctor in his hometown, on the banks of the Danube, just as his father did years ago. There, after reuniting with old friends and acquaintances, he begins to earn the respect of the community until a secret he kept comes to light.

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New options to enjoy on the big screen