Nicholas Hoult could be Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Do you think being an X-Men and belonging to Mad Max: Fury Road – 97% was enough for Nicholas Hoult? Well, they were wrong. The actor recently revealed that around 2010 he also auditioned for another of the great television roles, although that was not known at the time, the character was neither more nor less than Jon Snow in Game of Thrones – 98%, a role that ultimately fell into the hands of Kit Harington.

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In an interview with Page Six, Nicholas Hoult revealed that he went to a casting nine years ago that was likely to play Jon Snow on the popular HBO show. He admitted that he did not do well at all in the test and that despite watching the first season, he has not been able to finish Game of Thrones, but he is not angry or dissatisfied that he did not appear in it because he wants to have free time to watch it run now that it has finally reached its conclusion.

I think I auditioned for Jon Snow. I remember because I was filming Clash of the Titans at the time and I had long hair extensions. They made me a ponytail and gave me a fake tan. I remember thinking ‘this is probably not what they’re looking for’ and it obviously wasn’t.

Hoult’s career has not turned out badly, as he currently has several projects and comes from two very well received. It was Robert Harley in La Favorita – 100%, one of the most acclaimed films of last year in which he played an English nobleman seeking to influence the Queen of England during the war with France and in which he shared credits with Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman, all Oscar winners.

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In more commercial terms, it’s Beast in the prequels to the X-Men saga. The most recent is a few weeks away and is about X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In it, she must choose a side as the mutants decide what to do with Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) when the Phoenix Force takes over her during a mission in space, causing rifts between the superhero team. More than one main character is expected to die in the film, as it is the end of the saga.

But more recently, he caught media attention when it was reported that he was one of the finalists to be the new young Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the character trilogy that Matt Reeves is preparing. Supposedly, the competition for the leading role is between him and Robert Pattinson, who of the two will get the tape that explores the detective part of the character.

While Game of Thrones – 98% finished, Hoult fans won’t have to wait long to see it as Tolkien will premiere soon – 41%, biopic about the author of the literary saga of The Lord of the rings, and Dark Phoenix which will hit theaters on June 7.

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Nicholas Hoult could be Jon Snow in Game of Thrones