Nick Jonas: 6 keys and mistakes to wear the casual style

A Nick Jonas We all saw him appear in Disney movies and sing songs that adolescent girls loved, but that Disney boy grew up and is now part of one of the most stylish (dressing) bands today.

Joe jonas Perhaps he is the most mentioned brother when it comes to fashion and outfits (we cannot deny that he has a perfect style that is young without losing the sophistication), but Nick does not do anything bad and even has some great successes that everyone could learn valuable lessons to apply with your own outfits.

Dressing well is something that refines with age, you learn by making mistakes and finding what clothes, styles and materials look best, and that’s something Nick has been doing. The style of all the Jonas brothers, or at least when they appear in public (we have no way of knowing what they wear when they are at home), it is striking, they like the color, the patterns and the coordinated outfits, but each one has its own stylistic personality, with which they show that you can be different even with a “uniform”.

Nick Jonas he’s on the right track to becoming one of the style icons of this generation, but what he’s used so far has clues that can be applied at any age.

Keys and mistakes of Nick Jonas for the casual style:

Oversized, but only when it makes sense

Oversized style doesn’t always work

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The style overzed, or extra large, is a trend that really does not go away and it can be seen very well if you use it well and in a balanced way, but if you are not careful it looks untidy or as if you had stolen your older brother’s clothes.

The look of Jonas not too bad, but with the shirt collar so open and the sleeves down to the elbows, it looks like a less stylish version of Tony Soprano, and gives the impression that it was visited in a hurry and without thinking about the details. All this will work more with a shirt that is better, more closed or structured or with pants that are a little tighter and shorter to have a good balance.

Sweater season

Sweater season


Put on a good sweater is basic To be well dressed in the fall and you don’t really need to wear anything on top, but for that you have to choose clothes that look perfect. To flip the look and update it, simply add some on-trend accessories (which in this case are colorful necklaces). Jonas She also added classic tennis shoes for a timeless style and dark jeans that are more elegant, and the look is consistent with different details in red.

Another wise decision is to choose a sweater a little shorter that allows the legs to look longer and goes on the side of the trend of high-waisted pants.

The short-sleeved shirt

The short-sleeved shirt is essential


A short sleeved shirt You can never miss it, but you should not use one as an office worker in hot season. Preferably, the material should have movement and to give it a more interesting touch you have to add a good pattern.

This is something that Versace did already in the 90s and now it’s back. Colorful prints help spice up a look and can make a very basic outfit (like one with jeans and a classic shirt) look more contemporary and different.

Print from head to toe

Which print is better?

© Raymond Hall

It is worth taking prints everywhere and Jonas he does it well, especially because he keeps everything “monochromatic” by repeating the colors of his clothes in the tennis shoes.

If you are going to do this, you should choose a pattern that is not overwhelming (otherwise others will only notice your clothes), and for that small prints are much more effective and modern.

The fit of your pants

Fit is everything

© TM/Bauer-Griffin

It doesn’t matter if your pants are very expensive, They are going to look terrible if they don’t fit you perfectly.

Jonas sometimes fails in this area, since we have seen him wearing some that look too tight in the thigh area, but, in general, he knows that the length is important, but also how they fall at the waist and how they look in the widest part of the legs.

Pants that are too tight can make your legs look awkward or like they’re about to burst through fabric.

Broken jeans?

How ripped can your jeans be?

© OGUT/Star Max

Sure you can keep using Broken jeans at any age, but you have to know that that always makes it look more casual, and it can even make jeans look cheap if you’re not careful. Ripped jeans should preferably have few cuts and should be chosen those that give the impression that they were created naturally, by use and not by a machine.


You must take care of the proportions

© Pierre Suu

This is one of the most important lessons when dressing, you must take care of the proportion of each garment. For example, if your shirt or sweatshirt (as in Jonas’s case) is very long, this can make your legs look short and make you look shorter.

The same with the pants, it is worth wearing them to the ankle, but if they are shorter it may seem that they are too small, and too long ones are only going to get you to step on yourself all the time and ruin them, or a lot of fabric accumulates in the part of the shoes.

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Nick Jonas: 6 keys and mistakes to wear the casual style