‘Nine Perfect Strangers season 2’: Date, plot

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  • This article obviously contains spoilers for the Amazon series finale.

    Can we look forward to a season 2 of Nine Perfect Strangers? Especially after the close ending that the Amazon Prime Video series offers us. Is there anywhere Nicole Kidman can go in that yellow Lamborghini? If we take into account that there are fictions like Big Little Lies O The White Lotus that we also considered satisfactory enough with a single season, but that, nevertheless, have had the benefit of a season 2, everything can be. And drinking Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies from the same sources: the same novelist, Liane Moriarty, whose homonymous works they adapt, and the same screenwriter, David E. Kelley, why not? What will happen now with Masha (Nicole Kidman) now that in addition to being a psychotropic guru who has escaped justice, she is simply denying reality to the beast? Have you ever wondered where her husband is, the father of her lapushka? Could the family of the man who died in Tranquillum try to exact revenge in a season 2 that was not paid in season 1? These are some ideas that come to mind.

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    Kelley once denied a season 2 for Big Little Lies, but knew how to justify his decision. “It didn’t seem like a good idea to us [extender la serie a otra temporada]. We wrote it as something unique and ended the series in a very lyrical way. I liked how it ended. I always become protective of the characters and the series … I don’t want to hurt them. But it is also true that we ended up in a lie … “, Kelley said. What happened? To begin with, that Liane wrote another novel with the characters and that it occurred to him to create the character played by Mery Streep.” It is a delightful character and I felt that bringing her was liberating and discouraging. Discouraging because it sets a high bar and you have to live up to it, but liberating in the sense that now the series was not going to be compared to the first season. There was freedom [para explorar esa otra vía]”. To Santo, what do we remember the words of the showrunner of the two fictions? Because we do not do it only because of what I said I say, I say Diego, but because it gives a clue as to where the shots could go.

    Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2: Screenplay

    The good thing about the end of Nine Perfect Strangers is that it can be read as a closed, perfect ending, which does not need a continuation, and also as a cliffhanger. You have the character of Masha fully immersed in her fantasy, with her daughter in the passenger seat, the perfect closing of the series: now that she has achieved what she wanted, nothing else makes sense, what difference does it make, Tranquillum; Of all the characters, she is the one who does not have a happy ending. He has gotten what he wanted, but it is by no means a happy ending. It could stay that way and the series would work perfectly as a miniseries, just like Lady’s gambit. But this ending has another reading: well, the character of Nicole Kidman, who turns out to have gone crazy and who experiments with psychotropic drugs moving in a space of allegiances, has been left free and may want to experiment later and take a step further. . Because Masha, in the end, is free.

    It was clear that it was going to be like this. If she was exonerated of the death of the patient who dies when she tries to apply the same therapy as the Marconis, why should she not get rid now that no one has died? This could lead us in season 2 to the family of the dead man that is talked about throughout season 1. A son or a daughter who approaches Masha to exact her revenge? Could be. Let’s see, it would look like season 2 of Big Little Lies and also have an aftertaste of season 1 because it would be exactly the same as Carmel (Regina Hall) does this season. But hey, you never know and Nine Perfect Strangers it also has a lot of soap opera. However, it makes more sense for Masha’s past to return to make her face the present.

    Which brings us to the husband. Where is? In the original novel, it turns out that after her daughter dies, Masha becomes pregnant again. And it also turns out that he has a son. And that son stays to live with his father and Masha leaves because the pain is so great that he needs to resurrect his dead daughter in his head. Would a season 2 return to this idea? He has much more dramatic journey to retell the same as in season 1. Wow, that would not be a fabulous opportunity to bring Alexander Skarsgard and repeat an interpretive duel with Nicole Kidman. There we leave it.

    Nine Perfect Strangers Season 2: Release Date

    Between the two seasons of Big Little Lies Two years went by. Nicole Kidman’s and David E. Kelley’s schedules are not as clear as those of many creators who move on streaming platforms, so trying to guess a date when we still don’t know if there will even be season 2, is more risky than usual. With showrunners focused on a single series, although the Amazon Prime Video rhythms are not those of Netflix, we could talk about more specific deadlines (as has happened, for example, with the first two seasons of The Boys, about to premiere its season 3), but in this case Kelley has many open fronts. Not to mention Kidman, without whose presence there would be no season 2.

    Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Melissa McCarthy and Luke Wilson in the Amazon series Nine Perfect Strangers

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    Nine Perfect Strangers temporada 2: Reparto

    And just because of what we just said, removing Nicole Kidman, the rest of the cast would have to be new actors and characters for fiction to be interesting and not seem more of the same. Skarsgard would be a fabulous addition, but it is still an exercise in wishful thinking like a cathedral. And if we repeat any of the original characters, we would only see a distant sense as secondary to Melissa McCarthy, because she is a dopplenganger of the writer who invented this universe in the beginning.

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‘Nine Perfect Strangers season 2’: Date, plot