No more haunted houses on Netflix after Hill House and Bly Manor

Haunted house stories are over on Netflix. After brand new The curse of Hill House and The curse of Bly Manor On the platform, the creator Mike Flanagan has reported on social networks that he has no plans to premiere a new series on the same theme. If anyone was expecting another quality Halloween event, this is not their day.

Netflix’s move after the success of The curse of Hill House it was peculiar. As the title of the series specified that it was about Hill House, the mansion inspired by the novel by Shirley Jackson published in 1959, they could not continue so smoothly with a second season. They had presented a closed story. What they did was explain that there would be a new curse inspired by another haunted mansion in literature.

Nell, you made us suffer in The Curse of Hill House.

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Little by little they dropped clues until revealing that the new curse would be inspired by Another twist, the novel published by Henry James in 1898. If Hill House had been released in 2018, The curse of Bly Manor premiered in October 2020 – I needed your time to write and produce the new season.

But, after two months without news about a possible third series (or season, depending on how the project is contemplated: if as an anthology series or a franchise), Flanagan has finally solved the mystery about a possible continuation: “In There are no plans for more chapters at this time. Never say never, of course, but right now we are focused on the Intrepid Pictures projects. “

And it is that Flanagan is a very busy director and screenwriter. In 2019 he premiered Doctor Sleep in theaters with Ewan McGregor, the sequel to The glow by Stephen King, and is working on another horror series for Netflix, Midnight Mass, about the supernatural events that take place in a town on a remote island. It will, by the way, feature Kate Siegel, an actress who has participated in both curses and, for example, also Rahul Kohli or Henry Thomas.

It would have been interesting to see if he was able to squeeze out of a third haunted house-inspired series. The curse of Hill House received rave reviews (in La Vanguardia we even labeled it as the best series of 2018) with a story about overcoming a traumatic childhood by a family who had spent time in a terrifying mansion that had stolen much more than the innocence.


Creator Mike Flanagan works on ‘Midnight Mass’, a horror series set in a remote island town with supernatural phenomena

With Bly Manor, on the other hand, he did not want to repeat the play. She did not have the intention to be so scary and cause so many scares, but she tried to be more emotional and much more focused on the romantic feelings of the characters, all of them marked by the past. The story began with the arrival of Dani as the governess of some fatherless brothers in a huge English mansion in the middle of nowhere.

The two series featured Victoria Pedretti, Carla Cugino, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas and Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who played different characters in each of their seasons.

Victoria Pedretti in an image from 'The Curse of Hill House'.

Victoria Pedretti in an image from ‘The Curse of Hill House’.

Third parties

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No more haunted houses on Netflix after Hill House and Bly Manor